With Rule 3 don’t risk anymore, do it before you lose it all

With Rule 3 don’t risk anymore, do it before you lose it all

Are you always afraid of losing your mobile phone or computer data? Here is the 3-step rule for the perfect backup

There is no doubt that the world technology is now existence pinned constant and natural to us spirits: Often, however, this presence and also facilitate our daily actions We do However, it can also expose us to greater risk. Like, for example, which he represents Possibility Unfortunately at that point Irreversible Losing all your data though Backup has been made.

How to back up your data in three steps – ilovetrading.it

Although in fact we are always many Take care To implement backup rules, In fact, you never can to exclude entirely the potential risks or errors that lead to the destruction or loss of our data. Well, yes, one of the most prevalent concerns since the introduction of technology Our life, It is precisely the loss of all our personal data with just one click. but these Exists only and only digitally, as well We know Technology can also be very deceiving from time to time.

Especially for those who, like us, are young practical. For this a reason, If you want to completely eliminate that fear, give them a go your life, Our advice is specifically to follow the “three” rule for one Backups excellent.

Personal data, how to make a perfect backup

It’s about not having one, or two, but doing well Three devices On which you will transfer your data: in this road, As you can easily imagine, the possibility of losing everything you own It decreases dramatically And above all, it becomes very difficult to risk losing three different backups. For this exact reason, here’s how to move to follow a rule three: In this way the risk of losing the person’s data becomes One on million.

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Three Steps Backup (Ilovetrading)

First, transfer all your data to one device physical copy And material: Like switching between tabs external for one memory camera or Video camera to another storage medium, such as a file hard drives. In this way, in fact, you will get a copy excellent from your card, Which in the event of damage will not result in a Loss Absolute gods your information.

The second ideal back-up assistant is an actress instead of from the archive: This step is to move everything that belongs to you file in source More secure support, so also who to free space previously occupied. Finally, go to the last step, which is synchronization: any version more which we will create every time we download something, thus creating a duplicate of our data in Backups.

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