Who were the mercenaries hired to kill Zelensky?

Who were the mercenaries hired to kill Zelensky?

Mariupol resists, thanks to a few thousand fanatical Ukrainians backed by what’s left of Azov Battalion He became a regiment in 2016 after being drafted into the National Guard Kyiv And the process of raising the roots of the neo-Nazis (it was not entirely successful). Here and there the yellow and blue flag still flutters while Russian missiles are falling. It would be 3 thousand versus 14 thousand invaders, and a 3 to 1 ratio between invaders and defenders would be enough to close the game. From the losses that the Russians will incur in the Ukrainian city of martyrs, we will understand how far they will be able to continue their advance to the Donbass. Two commanders could have died on that front, which also explains Putin’s recourse to Syrian and Chechen mercenaries and armed forces contractors. Wagner Group, which would change its name to La Liga.

Mubasher Ukraine, Kyiv: Russia withdraws its forces near the capital. Zelensky: We seek peace without delay

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Indeed, this reference to Hitler’s favorite composer had the disadvantage of destroying the Kremlin’s narrative of the so-called special military de-Nazification in Ukraine. As in Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and the Sahel, so in Ukraine warlords, mercenaries and extremists are angered and pushed into the struggles of others. Especially where the deaths among soldiers and civilians have a different media weight than in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Better than those who are dying for a well-paid career risk and are not included in any statistics. Hundreds of mercenaries were killed in Ukraine. La Liga professional Wagner could have been sent unmarked to Kyiv to kill Zelensky, but they clearly haven’t succeeded yet. They were born under the wings of Moscow, a kind of Putin’s private army.
Among the founders is Dmitriy Utkin, a former Russian soldier who wears Nazi tattoos. As evidence of their relationship with the Tsar, a photo with the Kremlin shows them. But another founder, entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, is also a friend of Putin, the head of the Russian Internet Research Agency that makes fake and fake flags. Not a minor aspect of modern hybrid warfare. The people who get paid in Wagner-Liga will be active all over Kyiv but also in Mariupol, where they need their experience in house-to-house guerrilla warfare and in insidious theaters like those tested in Syria, Libya or Mali recently (to the contempt of the French) of the Foreign Legion, flown home) and the Central African Republic. They are paid in dollars and rubles, but the group’s income also comes from the oil and mines they help conquer. The Chechens are fighting fierce Kadyrov alongside the Russians, which was determined thanks to the geolocation of his video selfies first in Kyiv, and then in Mariupol, together with the thugs who, in the shelter of armored vehicles, fired machine guns at the windows of the houses of the besieged. Chechen forces are led by Ruslan Jeremiev, suspected of being among those responsible for the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the former deputy prime minister of Boris Yeltsin and an opponent of Putin, who was killed in 2015 in Moscow. The Russians and their mercenaries are advancing along the east-west axis. Nine out of ten buildings, 2,600 homes, were destroyed. And the official deaths are more than 2,187, but they may increase ten times. Perhaps the war is settled here, it is only natural that there are elite and more motivated forces. Like thousands and more guerrillas of the Azov Brigade, whose ranks with the war could have swelled to the thousands.

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One of the chiefs, Denis Projenko, in the best nationalistic Slavic traditions at the head of fans of Dynamo Kyiv (like the butchers in Yugoslavia Kraijn the heads of the Red Star Belgrade supporters), posted a video of the Mariupol trap. He received a reward of 500 thousand dollars, which Kadyrov put in place himself. Another Azov commander, Maxim Zorin, intervenes from Kyiv, denouncing the fictitious referendum organized by Putin in the occupied territories (40 thousand deported to Russia according to the Kyiv government) and swearing that Azov no longer had relations with the neo-Nazis, the only goal being the salvation and safety of Ukraine.

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