Volkswagen surprises with the price of the Golf GTE in Spain

Volkswagen surprises with the price of the Golf GTE in Spain

It’s not exactly a secret that Volkswagen Golf GTI It happens to be a reference among sports conventions in Europe for many years now. Of course, it is also no secret that the German brand has recently decided to leap forward and become one of the general manufacturers betting more on the efficiency of its engines and also expanding its range again by 100 x 100 electric cars.

In case GolfAlthough in the previous generation it was possible to access a 100 x 100 electric version, currently the most efficient version in these terms is the one with a plug-in hybrid drive, a version that also has its own sports version called Volkswagen Golf GTE.

An ideal version for those who want to have a powerful and interesting engine, in its condition with 272 horsepower, But who at the same time wants to embrace electric driving, even if in a more refined way than the 100 x 100 electric driving, among other things because this model allows you to drive at least up to 131 km without spending a drop of gasoline according to the WLTP homologation cycle.

The Volkswagen Golf GTE is a very compact car, but it’s not cheap

Feel what the sporty version of this hybrid model looks like GTI It is also very well equipped in terms of equipment and technology, making it an ideal choice for those looking not only for sporty performance behind the wheel but also very good qualities and lots of technology in their hands.

Beyond that it is also associated with high praise Six-speed DSG gearbox from Volkswagen Group As a big selling point for this new one Golf GTE it’s his Battery capacity of approximately 20 kWh Which allows it to enjoy more than 130 kilometers of autonomous driving, a number that allows it to cover the vast majority of daily trips without spending a drop of gasoline, in addition to that it has 272 horsepower in its engine which allows it to drive very dynamically when the driver wants it to be.

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The problem with this model is that, as expected, it’s not exactly cheap, starting at around €50,000. Obviously in Volkswagen They know it’s not going to be their best-selling version of this one Golfbut if the budget is not limited and the idea is to have a versatile, efficient model, well equipped in all respects, sporty and with a neutral design but at the same time very modern, the GTE version of the Golf is one of the best options now in Spain.

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