December 6, 2022

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USA weather – maximum alert and concern for Hurricane Ian in Florida, winds over 200 km/h, video «3B Meteo

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Hurricane Ian

Update 09/28/2022. Hurricane Ian is now Class 4 Its winds are more than 200 km / h as it continues to the north. The next target will be FloridaEspecially the western regions of the state. On high alert between Cape Coral, North Harbor and Tampa Bay. Over this area the cyclone will pass showing all its strength with winds of more than 150 km / h and heavy rain. Stormy winds and severe thunderstorms are expected to blow over Miami but nothing alarming. In yesterday’s update, he was concerned about a possible recession or slowdown for Ian in Florida. Well, that fear seems to be over today, and the hurricane will continue its journey north without much trouble, Gradually reduced to a tropical storm by Friday the 30th and to a tropical depression by Saturday 1When it’s over South Carolina, watch out between the latter and Georgia because they’ll both be able to keep an eye on each other Numerous floods and hydrogeological forests. Let’s see some video.

Hurricane Ian's Path - Credit NHC-NOAA
Hurricane Ian’s Path – Credit NHC-NOAA

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There are hours of stress and anxiety occurring in Cuba, Florida and generally throughout the southeastern region of the United States. all wrong IanAnd the storm developed yesterday, Monday, September 26 in Hurricane Category 3 in the Caribbean Sea. Ian is now on the western tip of Cuba, and his eye is a few kilometers from the capital, Havana where they are being spotted Winds over 100 km/h with heavy rain. This is the first time this year that a hurricane hit the American mainland with such violence. Officials from the Cuban province of Pinar del Río have The evacuation of 50,000 people and the establishment of 55 shelters Steps have been taken to protect warehouse crops in Cuba’s main tobacco region, but that’s not all.

Highest alert in Florida. Over the next few hours, Ian will continue to escalate to become Class 4 for about 24 hours. On Wednesday 28, the hurricane is expected to make landfall in West Florida where the worst conditions will occur although the system will gradually lose strength. within sight of hurricane city Tampa Bay Where you are likely to have the most inconvenience. Less worry about you love Me But Governor Ron DeSantis appealed to all residents, calling on all residents of the state to prepare. “No one is safe.” Approximately 2500 Soldiers mobilized.

Hurricane Ian's Path - Credit NHC-NOAA
Hurricane Ian’s Path – Credit NHC-NOAA

However, the most worrying thing at the moment is Possible deceleration or even persistence of a hurricane directly over FloridaAs if he does not want to leave the country. It is clear that the intensity will gradually decrease, becoming, according to the NHC analysis, a tropical storm. This still includes Numerous floods and floods that followed continued heavy rainfall. Hydrogeological criticality and potentially severe damage to Georgia and South Carolina later in life. Over the weekend, Ian will tend to move further north, definitively lowering a tropical low, causing widespread bad weather across all eastern US states but for now without raising particular concerns.

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