USA: 5 Countries Moving to Doing Business for Women

USA: 5 Countries Moving to Doing Business for Women

On the other hand, Colorado ranks first in terms of the number of women firms per 10,000 residents and tenth in terms of the gender pay gap. Additionally, women make up nearly a quarter of Centennial State’s boards of directors. New York ranks second in the ranking for the ratio of salaries between women and men and third place for women’s companies with annual sales of more than one million dollars. Also at the top 5 Florida And the Vermont. The latter, in particular, ranks first with a gender pay gap of 0.89 compared to 0.88 in New York (second) and 0.87 in Nevada (third). On the other hand, states at the bottom of the ranking have the highest female unemployment rates and wage ratios for men and women that are lower than the national average. We’re talking about West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

Female Startups: Where to Get Capital

Overall, the number of female entrepreneurs in the United States is 114% more than it was 20 years ago. Nevada has seen the largest percentage increase since 2022, at 83%. It is second only to Utah with 77%, followed by Florida (55%) and Colorado (52%). In contrast to the case of West Virginia which combined, in the same period, the collapse of women-led companies by -16% accompanied by the state of New Hampshire by -5%. In parallel, some states distribute more money to new businesswomen than others. According to Pitchbook data, the ranking by invested capital finds that Massachusetts At an average of $13 million per deal that primarily includes software and pharmaceutical companies in the Boston area. there California It took second place with $10.2 million, in this case also primarily targeting software companies. However, either way, these are startups that boast a mix of genres on their head.

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