US, Joe Biden scare polls: This is a decline in image

Biden’s first year as president of the United States ends in a landslide

According to an average of major U.S. polls conducted Five thirty-eight The consensus for its president, Joe Biden, was 43.4% More than 50% of Americans do not accept its “process.” The honeymoon of the man who sent home one of the most divided presidents in history, Donald Trump, Finished much faster than expected. The consensus seemed to be “untouchable” and instead quickly shattered. There are many reasons. First, in July, the wave of epidemics caused by the new delta variation returned.

A new collapse was recorded with the catastrophic and hasty withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan in August, resulting in: the recapture of the country by the Taliban, the killing of 13 American soldiers in the Comics attack and a deep international disagreement. Then, in the economic sphere, rising inflation and the tough approval of its peak economic agenda came to a further halt in Congress. Last but not least, immigration, a subtle problem has been left in the hands of the sub Kamala Harris, Not up to the task. In November 173,000 alone so many visits and so many undocumented persons were not detained.

Omigron effect in the White House

The reality is that the world’s largest democracy is currently in the throes of a worrying image crisis and is being led by a president on the threshold of 80 years. Now, under the end of the year holiday, the new Omicron variant has brought much of the country back to emergency health measures. At the economic level, on the other hand, Pitton’s words aSwelling A figure not seen since 1982, in November, reached almost 7%. In spite of all this, the President, through his spokesman Jen Saki, Confirmed he wanted to apply again. According to many, the move, which came shortly after the burning election defeat in Virginia, will give hope for the success of the grand social projects that the democratic administration will implement with great difficulty.

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Towards another challenge with Trump “Sleepy Joe”?

But personal data do not support senior President Joe Biden, who is in office at the age of 79. An election contest a 81 years old Despite the promises of personal physician Kevin O’Connor, this is certainly not a “health walk” and he continues to reassure his patient that he is “a virtuous and healthy man, capable of carrying out his duties.” The downward spike in the president’s popularity is joined by his deputy, Kamala Harris, Which is even less popular. A study Suffolk University-USA Today Released in November, it recorded 27.8% of rising star Harris and 37.8% of Python. With the political enemy in trouble, there is growing hope that the unruly Donald Trump will return. Despite being banned from social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the Chancellor has been working to raise funds and shoot Pitan. “It has destroyed the economy, it has opened up our borders, it has abandoned the Americans Afghanistan And many more ”read the daily emails of nearly 50% of Americans who voted for him and who can vote for him again.

A more bleak future

Trump knows that in 2024 it will fail to function without the support of the media and social networks, so he created a temporary company, a start-up, “Trump Media & Technology Group” With the support of Digital Word it has been able to raise a billion dollars so far. From strangers, that’s why the Czech (Securities and Exchange Commission) wants to know more. He asked for minutes of board meetings, bank, telephone and email addresses and, above all, the names of investors. Fear of being behind the Arab countries, primarily Saudi Arabia.

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Trump’s new social networking site, True community, Similar to Twitter but can also get rid of the ethical restrictions of the thrilling social network. However, 2024 is still a long way off, and if there is age, defeat, midterm elections and a little misfortune on Biden, Trump is surrounded by shadows of the many actions that will take place against him, mainly linked to financial problems. . We know that even the president or former president in the United States cannot make fun of taxpayers.

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