Unió Laurediana + Democrats + Labor + Independents are betting on university accommodation

Unió Laurediana + Democrats + Labor + Independents are betting on university accommodation

Lordiana Union + Democrats + Labor + Independents Bet on the parish where he hears Voice of youth. Yesterday afternoon, the candidates met with more than thirty young people from Louridia to exchange opinions and listen to their concerns and doubts about various issues that affect them, such as Affordable housingfuture university And revitalize the parish.

The work done over the past four years has put young people at the centre, where they are valued and appreciated Leadership of the Loridiana gangResponsible for organizing the various activities taking place in the parish related to youth, and establishing Youth spaceIt is a center designated for parish children from the age of eleven, according to what he explains The second candidate, Mireya Codina: “We started with a place that we thought was good enough, and fortunately, it has stayed small. It is one of the goals that we want to set for the future, which is to expand this place in response to the demand that exists, because it is a space that young people feel very comfortable in and it is a reference point for them.”

in other hand, University accommodation is a clear priorityThis is because it will allow the scope of studies in the parish to be expanded and young people can choose to remain in the country to continue their studies. The project proposes a co-working space for Facilitating entrepreneurship And that young entrepreneurs can develop their businesses. The facility also provides Affordable rental housingso that young people who want to liberate themselves have an alternative to do so, and spaces for socialization where they can work, interact and project themselves professionally.

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Regarding youth, there is another priority Establishing a joint working committeeAs Codina explains: “We want to continue working and make Sant Julià de Lòria an accessible and friendly place where everyone has their own space. The aim is for young people to be able to share their concerns and make suggestions to us.”

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