Ukraine, live – Zelensky at the UN: “Remove Moscow’s veto.” Lavrov: “The West increases the risks of global conflict”

Ukraine, live – Zelensky at the UN: “Remove Moscow’s veto.”  Lavrov: “The West increases the risks of global conflict”

China’s call: “Do not add fuel to the fire in Ukraine”

there China Played a constructive role in the war in Ukraine “In its own way,” and prolonging or expanding the crisis is “in no one’s interest.” This is what Beijing’s Deputy Foreign Minister said: But Zhao Xiu, in the United Nations Security Council. Then confirm that war Victory cannot be achieved militarily, and he called for peace talks and urged other countries to avoid “pour fuel on the fire.”

Lavrov: Russia’s right to veto the United Nations is legitimate

The veto is a “legitimate instrument.” Russia In the UN Security Council“The Russian Foreign Minister said this Sergey Lavrov During his speech before the Security Council Nations united.

Kyiv pushes peace plan and summit in October

UkraineUsing the president as a battering ram Volodymyr ZelenskyThe post was posted onUnited Nations General Assembly His ten-point formula for peace, trying to convince those in particular Global South. The spotlight, as usual, focused on their presence in the same room Zelensky And Sergey Lavrov In the Security Council, but the real (intensive) diplomatic work is taking place behind the scenes. This will lead to the next high-level meeting of national security advisors scheduled for a later date October. The location remains top secret because the form is now of the essence – later Copenhagen And grandmother The geography of diplomacy may hold other surprises. there ChinaIn the last round, he was present. However, according to various sources, Beijing He abandons meetings (3 or 4 per week) for working groups dedicated to each of the ten points indicated in the formula. But this is where the necessary consensus is created. IndiaAnd Brazil South AfricaFor example, actively participate.
The peace process will be one of the topics to be discussed during the next meeting of the European Union Foreign Affairs Council, which will travel to Kiev for the occasion. The Ukrainian presidency has an ambitious plan to take everything to the next level – the level of leaders – by the end of the year. But that’s just around the corner. One hypothesis currently under discussion is the first attempt Intermediate stepWith ministers foreign. Also because sooner or later Russia You should participate – at the moment you are not participating in any meetings – and you will likely attend them Lavrov That of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the situation, as several sources confirm, is still “fluid.” president European Council, Charles MichelHe addressed himself directly China To the United Nations with an appeal: “Let us join our forces to persuade Russia to put an end to this criminal war that is harming so many people.”
Therefore, efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to the conflict are underway. fact that ZelenskyIn point nine, you talk about “effective security guarantees” once the war is over as well as “renewing the post-war security architecture in the Euro-Atlantic space that includes Ukraine“Without naming it explicitly child It is seen as an important step in building the aforementioned consensus. But for now we keep fighting.

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Moscow doubted that the first intervention was on the part of Zelensky

Before the start of the meeting Russia The start of the summit slowed down Concerning Ukraine at the United Nations Appealing the decision of the rotating Albanian presidency of the Security Council to allow the President to speak first Zelensky And not the fifteen members according to the protocol. Five members – China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States – Permanent, while the other ten members are elected by the association for two-year terms. At the moment they are Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, Switzerland. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama He replied that according to procedures CDs If so suitableEven a country that is not a member of the body United nations Can talk before fifteen.

Blinken: “Crimes against humanity from Russia”

“there Russia “Crimes against humanity are committed every day in Ukraine,” said the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken At the UN Security Council summit. Blinken He listed the rules that Russia is violating in Ukraine, starting with “tearing up the UN Charter.”

Zelensky leaves before Lavrov intervenes

Volodymyr Zelensky He left the Security Council hall after his speech and before the Russian minister’s speech Sergey Lavrov But also before the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Only the Ukrainian ambassador To the United Nations Witness Lavrov’s speech. The Foreign Minister was also absent Dmytro Kuleba.

Zelensky: Russian aggression has put the United Nations in a dead end

Aggression Ukraine By Russia “Put United nations At a dead end,” he said Volodymyr ZelenskyToday, he is speaking before the United Nations Security Council, stressing how “the United Nations has recognized… Russia As the only one responsible” in his decisions, but he was unable to do anything to stop the war, because Russia It has veto power within the Council. “Unfortunately this seat is al Security Councilthat Russia The Ukrainian president added that the “illegal occupation” is being used “by liars whose mission is to cover up aggression and genocide,” considering that the current regime of the United Nations This means that other members have less power than those with veto power. “In recent days, in the General Assembly we have heard the word inequality very often – he continued – and it is precisely inequality that makes the United Nations ineffective.”

Zelensky: “Humanity no longer has hope in the United Nations”

“Humanity no longer has any hope for this United nations When it comes to research Hello And based on defense“From the national border. This is what the Ukrainian president said Volodymyr ZelenskyThis is in a clip of his speech before the United Nations Security Council in New York. According to a leader Kyiv It is important to address problems “without rhetoric” but also “without compromise with killers” because “lives must be defended without concessions.”

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