UK decides whether to accept US guarantees

A new decisive vision to determine the future Julian Assange, Deprived of liberty for 12 years. The United Kingdom will decide today, Monday, whether to extradite him to the United States after asking the American state to ensure that the WikiLeaks founder is not extradited. He will not be sentenced to death And that the First Amendment, which protects freedom of the press, will be respected.

The British judiciary had already agreed to extradite him, which was a step Paralyzed by various resources. Now, the two Supreme Court judges handling the case could rule in favor of extradition or allowing Assange to stand trial Full appeal of the case, So it will follow its path to the UK.

His lawyer and his wife, Stella AssangeHe went further than that, and came to point out the possibility that after this opinion, be free

His lawyer and wife, Stella Assange, indicated the possibility of Assange being released after the hearing (Reuters/Peter Chibura)

The United States is considering dropping the case after Australia requested it

president of the United States, Joe BidenThe door was opened a few weeks ago to file a lawsuit against Assange, after his country of origin, Australia, requested that. Specifically, he said they were “studying” the petition, which was also directed at the United Kingdom.

Assange has been imprisoned in London since April 2019, after nearly that Seven years detained in the Ecuadorian embassyAnd in the British capital as well.

The developer is being sued by the Trump administration according to act 1917, Outdated, that is Espionage and high treason Simple investigation of national security matters. In principle, a foreign national – Assange is Australian – cannot be accused of treason.

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In the United States, Assange could be sentenced to prison 175 years in prison for 17 espionage crimesand conspiracy and computer fraud.

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