Trump on his social network exhorts his supporters: “I will be arrested on Tuesday, let’s take the country back.” Lawyer: “give up if indicted”

Trump on his social network exhorts his supporters: “I will be arrested on Tuesday, let’s take the country back.”  Lawyer: “give up if indicted”

He did it again. Donald Trump He once again incited his supporters like shortly before the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 when he falsely declared that there was fraud in the presidential election which resulted in Joe Biden winning and the businessman defeated. This time the billionaire is angry at the possibility – according to some US media – of being charged: “Illegal leaks from the corrupt Manhattan district attorney’s office indicate that It is scheduled to arrest the former US president next Tuesday. Let’s show up, let’s take back the countryTrump said of his social reality, describing America as the country in the world and calling it the “dead American dream.” still: “The radical left anarchists stole the election and the heart of our country. Crime and inflation are destroying our way of life. Crime and inflation are destroying our way of life.”

According to rumors, next week the businessman may be charged with paying the former porn star $ 130,000. Stormy Daniels to buy her silence about their previous relationship. A scandal erupted in 2016 when the woman claimed – violating a confidentiality agreement – that she had an affair with the billionaire and other details about them. relationship. The first was also unleashed against the actress Lady Melania. But Trump, according to the lawyer Atmosphere TacopinHe will surrender himself to the authorities without complications if he is indicted. If the former president is accused, the Fingerprints Digital. However, US intelligence will decide whether he can handcuff him, according to some sources quoted by US media. Meanwhile, a judge has ruled that federal prosecutors investigating the classified documents case on the former president’s property in Florida will once again be able to cross-examine one of his attorneys in front of a grand jury. It is about M. Ivan Corcoran who would need to answer more questions about possible attempts to derail such an investigation. Trump spokesman Stephen Cheung said in a statement that the former president’s publicity about the social truth about his arrest was not based on any notifications from prosecutors, but only on “illegal leaks” to the media. “President Trump rightly points out his innocence and abuse of our judicial system.”

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“Here we go again,” the House Speaker comments on Twitter Kevin McCarthy announcing that it would ask the “relevant” House committees to immediately investigate whether “federal funds have been used to subvert our democracy through election interference with politically motivated actions.”

A potential arrest of Trump threatens to hit the campaign like a hurricane. The former president said without hesitation in recent days That his candidacy for the White House will continue even if he is indictedIn what appears to be a nightmare for Republicans. Democrats are waiting patiently but also fear the consequences of a potential indictment gesture to the New York attorney general’s office, which threatens to further divide the country by destroying Joe Biden’s efforts to reunite it. Special focus on Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and potential nominee in 2024. In fact, DeSantis will have the task of “signing extradition” of Trump from Florida, where he resides in Ma-a-Lago, to New York, Palm Beach Attorney General David Aronberg assures CNN. A signature full of political significance risks making him more of a target for criticism than a businessman, thus complicating his presidential aspirations.

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