Tragedy has been announced! And now we will experience things we’ve never seen before?

Tragedy has been announced!  And now we will experience things we’ve never seen before?

Rain against drought, the free ride is over

the essence drought that have gripped our regions in one form or another for more than a year, a year and a half, were neither directly related to climate change nor to global warming, phenomena that cannot be stopped now, but were part of the climatic developments that all fall into a criterion.

Generally, after more or less long dry periods, other rainy periods of similar or even longer duration as we are now witnessing follow, in a game of alternation: some climatologists ascribe these fluctuations to El Niño, that anomalous warming of the Pacific Ocean in which it finds itself. Its maximum expression is near the holy days of Christmas, hence the Spanish name il Bimbo, El Niño, which influenced the countries of South America that Spain colonized in the past.

What will happen

Now is the time to change course and dare we say that good luck that we have lived is over, in the sense that we must unfortunately forget the long periods of stable and sunny weather for weeks and weeks with the arrival of rain. Somehow we unfortunately! Declared tragedy, with the flood rains arriving on schedule, and that’s not all! Next spring and into the summer of 2023 will be different, with more rain, but above all with more instability, even in the context of a general increase in heat.

Let’s definitely forget the 18 consecutive weekends of full sun and boiling heat we had last year from May to September. It’s hard to do better.

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Will we see things we haven’t seen before? maybe. Instead, that possibility depends precisely on climate change into which we have now plunged ourselves with almost no way out in the short term.

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