The war in Ukraine, Draghi does not abandon the US-Kyiv axis (unlike Macron and Schulze). Even in parties, there are little differences

The war in Ukraine, Draghi does not abandon the US-Kyiv axis (unlike Macron and Schulze).  Even in parties, there are little differences

there France Take a clear stand, with Emmanuel Macron who refused to follow the United States in accusations”Genocide“to Russia: “I want to try as much as possible to continue being able to stop this war and rebuild peace, so I’m not sure whatescalate speech Serve the cause,” said the President of the Elysee. There is, too Germany Distancing itself from the Washington-Kyiv axis: Chancellor Olaf Schultz called The Ukrainian government refused to receive a visit from the Federal President Frank Walter SteinmeierAnd Accused of maintaining very close relations with the regime Russian President Vladimir Putin. Is it Italy? Since the beginning of the war, Mario Draghi has never taken sides It can be distinguished from the Atlantic verbAnd Despite being portrayed in the media as destined to succeed Angela Merkel as leader de facto for european politics. Although European interests – like Remember the most attentive analysts In full conflict with the Americans: the countries of the old continent cheered someone up negotiation solutionWhile the White House would like to take advantage of the crisis to impose a system change In Moscow and the strengthening of NATO in an anti-China role.

However, the Italian government did not act accordingly. Unlike Macron or Schulze, who have always wanted to keep diplomatic channels open, Draghi has never distanced himself from Joe Biden, the champion of versions that made an impact. exacerbation of tension with the Kremlin. Moreover, our country was among those who imposed the most severe economic sanctions, as well as among the most eager to agree to the gradual increase in Military spending amounts to 2% of GDP At the request of NATO.

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On the other hand, until recently, even in Party leaders’ statements It’s hard to find content other than a filenon-critical adhesion for the US line. The easiest example of this is the example of the Secretary of the Workers’ Party Enrico Letta, which from the first day of the conflict took the side of sending weapons, to the most severe possible sanctions and to stop all dialogue with Russia. He even, however, had to adjust his eyesight in recent days: “A president of a republic in a European country He cannot be considered persona non grata He said about Kyiv’s refusal to receive Steinmeier. On his accusation of genocide, he joined Macron: “Me tooI wouldn’t have used these termsEven the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte – The “Science” battle network to spread investments in military spending by 2028 – It has never questioned the policy of sanctions or the dispatch of arms by Italy. While they belong to the center-right parties, the embarrassment of past relations with Putin makes it difficult to engage peacefully in the debate.

Paradoxically, the least belligerent situations are sometimes Matthew Renzi, which appears to want to follow the path of Macron, his most solid reference abroad. The leader of Italia Viva has repeatedly made unorthodox statements: he was one of the few, for example, who recognized that A truce is required and a truce must be reached with the Russians. If you want to solve the problem, you must at all costs make an agreement and do so Europe should make more use of this diplomatic capacity which did not appear in the last period as it could and should have been.”, I have announced. Even the launch – with a certain ingenuity – of the “Trentino-Alto Adige model” of the disputed Donbass region. On the other hand, even Renzi is not quite a “virgin” in terms of relations with the Russian world: so much so that in the aftermath of the invasion He had to leave the board of directors of Delimobilthe country’s largest car-sharing company, of which it has been a member since October 2021.

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