The sky is amazing, with five planets lined up

The sky is amazing, with five planets lined up

The sky makes a show of alignment of five planets, perfectly visible from the evening of March 27th. “In the west, at sunset, the sky is an interesting series of planets, including in particular Jupiter, Venus and Mars, which can already be seen clearly, then Uranus, which sees Venus approaching its position in the future, while Mercury slowly exits from its position,” the scientist said. Astrophysicist Gianluca Massi, scientific director of the Virtual Telescope, ANSA, reports that the sun’s glow after sunset.

“Only on March 27, – he continues, will Mercury, freed from solar glare, be clearly visible” and “angularly close to Jupiter.” The Moon contributes to the enrichment of the parade of planets. All planets are visible to the naked eye, except for Uranus, to see which binoculars will still be enough.

The show begins at sunset, “against a fairly bright sky, where the planets are lower, and therefore more inland in the afterglow,” says the astrophysicist. The sequence starts from Jupiter, followed by Venus, which will be close to the region of the sky in which Uranus also appears; Then, among the stars of Taurus, there is Mars, recognizable by its reddish hue, although it is no longer as bright as it was in December 2022, when it was in opposition. Saturn and Neptune are missing, and both are only visible at dawn.

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