The situation that troubles Paris-

The situation that troubles Paris-
From Stefano Montefori is our correspondent in Paris

On Friday she was kidnapped near the house on her way home from school. Flight 190 meters. Eight arrested. The organ trafficking trail. The video with the girl you recruited

Between Georges Brassens middle school and Manin’s residence, in a quiet neighborhood in northwest Paris, there is 190 meters, 2 minutes walk, the journey that 12-year-old Lola Davitt takes every day to go to school and go home. Something happened at those two minutes on Friday afternoon.

the film

A 24-year-old girl approaches the little girl: the security camera shows her at the entrance to the building where Lola lives with her brother and parents, who work as caretakers in a nearby building, right next door to the school. Lola looks hesitant and frightened. It’s 3:20 PM, the last time she was seen alive. After hours of searching at 11.20 pm on Friday His body will be found in a plastic box, a few meters away, in the courtyard of the building. His arms and legs are tied, deep cuts in the throat, and his head is almost separated. The numbers 1 and 0 rest on the stem. According to the autopsy, the girl died of asphyxiation.
A terrible crime for which eight people were arrested yesterday in Paris and Bois-Columbus, in the western suburbs, 10 kilometers from the house of Manin. Among them is the main suspect, the girl who was captured on the palace video camera. It could be a murder related to organ trafficking: at one point the girl was going to offer a lot of money to a passerby to help him move the box, talking about organ trafficking. According to many witnesses, she looked clearly unbalanced.

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cash register

We saw her enter the building by herself – says a witness – and leave half an hour later. She had a big chest, so heavy, she asked everyone to help her carry it. She must have been twenty, she looked a little crazy, her face formed all over. Once he left the cashier in front of the coffee, went back and forth, went in and out, we wondered what was inside but we never thought there was a body. Then I went to the bakery in front of the café to buy a croissant, and came back as if nothing had happened, looking a little uneasy. Meanwhile, the father was looking for Lola, upset about not seeing her after leaving school at three o’clock in the evening, the little girl arrived at the building, but unfortunately she was not alone. At 3:20 p.m., she was in the hall, but never made it home.


While her mother Delphine was on her way to the police station, her father showed video surveillance. A neighbor who saw the footage with him told Parisian That the woman makes a gesture as if asking her to come, but Lola does not seem calm at all. We understand that something abnormal is happening. On Friday afternoon, to help with the search, Delphine Davitt posted a photo of Lola and the suspect’s frame on social media.
The police asked passers-by and neighbors, and one of them reported that a girl asked him to help load a very heavy box into the Dacia Lodgy, but he refused. A homeless man will discover the cash desk in the residence’s courtyard, at 11.20 p.m. The police are trying to find out if the organ trafficking route was real or related to the killer’s psychological imbalance.

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