The Russian conspiracy judge now wants to charge Puigdemont with embezzlement and treason

The judge in the Volhoff case, the well-known Russian conspiracy trial, Open another investigation Against former presidents Puigdemont and Mas, Deputy Francisque de Dalmatians, lawyers Gonzalo Bui, Elsa Artade and Victor Tradellas, Carles Puigdemont’s chief of staff, Josep Luis Allai, or journalists Natalia Borronat and Carles Porta, among others.

In total there are thirteen people investigated Embezzlement of public funds and treasona crime It is not included in the amnestyIf there is “a real and effective threat and effective use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Spain,” according to international law. This is what Article 2 of the law says.

The judge will ask the Supreme Court to take up this case involving former President Puigdemont and Dalmatians, who are running because they are members of Parliament.

His hypothesis is that those investigated sought political and even military support from Russia to achieve Catalan independence.

Now he does not contribute There is no new relevant evidence, going beyond the already known conversations of former President of the Rapprochement Victor Terradillas about the two meetings with two alleged Russian envoys. The judge accuses Elsa Artadi because she attended these meetings; Former President Mas because between 2011 and 2017 the state opened missions abroad, and journalist Porta because he would offer a current account to receive money from the Russians.

Aguirre is also investigating Artur Mas (ACN).

According to Aguirre, “For Russian policy, the operation was an ideal tool that could help it achieve its strategic goals against the West.” “In the worst case, if the Catalan secession process fails, as it has already done, the mere existence of the conflict and the consequent destabilization of a NATO member state is already a problem,” he points out. A remarkable victory for Russian interests“.

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New piece to not close the case

The maneuver of Barcelona’s first investigating judge investigating the Vulhoff case, Joaquín Aguirre, comes shortly after the law came into effect and a few weeks later. The Barcelona court ordered the investigation to be completed Because of alleged Russian links to the referendum.

It also forced him to cancel investigations conducted since August. Aguirre reactivated it in January, accusing Puigdemont and his accompanying delegation of maintaining “close personal relations” with far-right politicians in Germany, Italy and Russia.

The court said that although the reason involved “a certain complexity,” it could not be asserted that “its study cannot be addressed in the past period,” approximately. Four years since its opening.

Aguirre now justifies that the opening of a new piece is due to his inability to advance the investigation during the past six months because he says he was waiting for the resolution of the request to remove him from the case. Which was presented by Puigdemont’s lawyer, Gonzalo Boy. This request was rejected last June.

And this Friday, after this new move by the judge, Bowie confirmed that he is one of them “Delery” is the result of consumption of “psychoactive substances” At certain ages and hours.

Joaquín Aguirre is the investigating judge in the Volhoff case (3Cat)

State Attorney’s Office, in favor of amnesty for all crimes

At the same time, the Bar Association submitted reports asking the Supreme Court to apply the amnesty law to the leaders of the operation.

In its writing, the Bar rejects that none of them have been personally enriched by the 1-O process and consultations and that the EU’s financial interests have been compromised. from here, Exclude embezzlement And it asks to beLifting arrest warrants Against them

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In another report, state lawyers also asked for a pardon for the five civil guards who were on trial for their actions in La Rápita.

Against amnesty for police officers

According to the standards of the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Prosecution Office, there are Omnium, the ANC and the human rights advocacy group Iredia.

The three entities acted as prosecutors in the case against the 1-O policemen in Barcelona and made allegations against them by granting them amnesty. They have submitted a letter to Barcelona’s Investigative Court No. 7 demanding Failure to implement the amnesty by the 46th National Police Who assaulted voters during the October 1, 2017 referendum.

They want, they say, to avoid violence going unpunished. They confirm that the amnesty law Those responsible for ‘police brutality’ cannot benefit from it. It is practiced against citizens, because it contravenes the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

They also denounce it Slow judicial processes Against agents.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office responsible for this procedure has positioned itself in favor of applying an amnesty to the police officers who were investigated.

At least ten policemen accused in various cases have announced that they will seek pardon.

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