The Mossos decided it was best to let the crowd destroy the three houses in Figueres.

The Mossos decided it was best to let the crowd destroy the three houses in Figueres.

observer Javier Dominicunder any of Police Men In the Girona area, they explained that yesterday they assessed that the situation was better. To allow the Three houses destroyed in Figueres From confronting more than a hundred people with sticks and axes. Domenech told RAC-1 that its residents had already fled in fear of reprisals after the double crime in the Fonte de la Polvora area of ​​Girona. “It was a matter of his honor and pride, and it was more theatrics than the act itself,” the mayor said, noting that relatives of the victims told them that they had actually carried out acts of revenge. He also expected that what happened yesterday would not end in anything because there would be no complaints.

“With the power we had at the time we could have tried to stop them, but excessive force had to be used to stop them and it was very difficult to contain them. “We cannot create evil more serious than what we want to avoid,” said Dominic, who highlighted the size of the people. There, the public power available and the fact that the houses were already unoccupied and in fact, the people of the neighborhood of Colobri and Sant Joan de Figueres told them that they would not face those who wanted to demolish the houses.

The Mossos deployed in the Font de la Polvora neighbourhood of Girona discovered at around 8:00 p.m. that there was a large departure of vehicles loaded with people. Since there are three houses in Figueres belonging to relatives of the alleged perpetrator, they contacted the forces deployed there to try to stop the vehicles. At around 8:30 p.m., the vehicles arrive in Figueres, stopped by the commander of the shift, in coordination with the Urban Guard. People get out of their cars and walk to the neighbourhood.

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Dominic explained that he went there himself and tried to mediate, but he admits that it was “a bit complicated”. “It was a big group of people. At first, there were about 60 people, but gradually it increased to 100, 120 people. They were carrying axes, sticks, and blunt objects.”

He added that his intention was to damage the three empty houses. The Musaws explained that they were not authorized to take such action, “but when they saw the force they had, they withdrew to the right.” They vandalized the doors and furniture inside. They stressed that they would not cause any fire. He added that “what they wanted was to restore their pride in their law, and not to allow the houses of the opposing clan to continue as they were.”

Facts will not flourish criminally.

Dominic expected these incidents to end in nothing because there would be no complaints about threats or damage. He said they had identified the people and vehicles and opened a police investigation that would be sent to the judge.

However, he noted that relatives of the riot victims told them that this would be the last action they wanted to take, and that they considered it the “end of revenge” in the sense of destroying property. He believes Friday’s episode will be a turning point, and the other will be when the perpetrator of the double murder is caught.

The supervisor explained that they were well above that and that the devices would be maintained as long as necessary. He added: “We receive information that members of other competing clans are moving into the neighborhood to cause casualties, but most of it is not true, and in the end no one came.”

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Dominic has been a police officer in Girona for twenty-six years, and he admitted that he had never seen the Fonte de la Polvora neighborhood like this before. “People are leaving with their bags because they are afraid a group will come with firearms,” warned the mayor, who acknowledged that it is easy to criminalize this neighborhood because the people who live there commit crimes related to drug trafficking, but the vast majority said: “They are the honest ones.”

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