The last burning of the Qur’an in Stockholm Live TikTok – The last hour

The last burning of the Qur’an in Stockholm Live TikTok – The last hour

The new Quran was burned today in Stockholm by an Iraqi refugee, the same person who had been responsible for similar gestures in the past two months.

Silwan Momica, who had already denounced incitement to hatred, once again burned a copy of the Muslim holy book, this time near the Iranian embassy in Stockholm, immortalizing the gesture, like other times, in a live broadcast on TikTok. During the demonstration, a woman broke the police cordon and tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher but was immediately stopped and removed by the police. Swede TV Soft reported that she was also reported charged with disturbing public order and violence against a public servant.

TT news agency reported that Momika and another refugee, Salwan Najm, are making money from TikTok live-streaming, but say they are not doing it for the money. “I am using TikTok to explain to Swedes that Islam and the Koran are dangerous truths. It is a philosophical gesture, not an act of hate,” Sloane Momica said in an interview with the Swedish news agency TT. Momika claimed that the money comes from donations received during the live broadcast but that “they don’t care about it”, then specified: “It can be 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 kronor (about 253 euros) per live broadcast.

I do not receive money from care, I am financially independent, and therefore I live on it.

His and his followers’ demonstrations sparked strong reactions in the Islamic world and counter-demonstrations in Stockholm, however, have remained peaceful to this day.

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