The house is spying on us: this is how our privacy is violated

The house is spying on us: this is how our privacy is violated

Is it possible that we are being spied on inside our home? Studies say yes: Here are the accessories we need to pay attention to

Amazon Alexa may be spying on us at home: study –

Inside our beloved houseIs our privacy really guaranteed? Even if we live alone, definitely not. There are ways that enable us, without our knowledge, to record our personal data and above all our habits. These gadgets are unimaginable, which might make you think twice before purchasing them from any electronics store. This is what happens in many people’s homes.

Gadgets that violate our privacy at home

Does what happens at home stay within those walls? In some cases, not at all. Experts put us at the forefront of using certain methods, which we must know how to use wisely to prevent them from violating our sacred privacy. The first method that causes problems isAmazon AlexaWhich a large number of citizens now keep inside their homes. Without our knowledge, Devices and software have the ability to collect a large amount of data about us. According to the study conducted by SurfShark, the platform will primarily look for health data of people living at home.

Here’s how Google history can spy on us at home –

Risk related to Google

The other platform we should keep an eye on is the one associated with the services you provide Google. Already in the past the company was taken to court on charges Violation of privacy, in a small habit that seems to have not been lost over the years. Issues with search engine functionality mainly concern two areas: our personal data and the history of those sites we visit on the web. Information that, paradoxically, can only be seen by those familiar with statistical or market operations.

Is our smartphone safe?

We also don’t trust our smartphone, or rather Some applications whose personal data management is not updated in accordance with EU regulations. Many of these games, including games, have remained online despite their platforms not being up to date with current rules. The advice is to delete them, especially if they are not necessary in daily life.

Another trick we can do, with all apps, is to work on the permissions we give to these functions on our phones. As many telephony experts advise, it will be so It is recommended to turn off the microphone Of these applications. The way to do this is very simple, by entering the general settings of the mobile phone and then deactivating the annoying command for all functions individually. To prevent account hacking, two-factor authentication for profiles can also be useful.

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