The Ford Capri is back with an SUV version: crazy lovers, everyone wants it

The Ford Capri is back with an SUV version: crazy lovers, everyone wants it

The name Ford Capri evokes a historic car and the nostalgic effect is instantly triggered. Unbelievable, but true, the Capri is back in an SUV version. Crazy lovers.

No one has forgotten her, she is in our hearts. It is one of the first sports cars Which made us feel like “kings of the road”. the legendary Ford Capri, The two historical doors, just remembering that, just seeing the pictures on the web, causes us an inevitable nostalgic effect.

The Ford Capri is back, but it will be an incredibly powerful SUV (press Media –

He called it “Operation Nostalgia”. unbelievable but true, The Capri name is overwhelmingly back on the market, But this time it will be associated, by Ford, with an imposing SUV. The rumors are true, no doubt. Of course we are talking about a car that will be fully electric.

The Capri was a Ford Mustang of Europe. So it should come as no surprise that Ford was able to give the Capri the same treatment it gave the Mustang not so long ago: “reclaim and re-evoke” the name by porting it to electric suv battery, With a sports roof.

We all have a “strong” memory of the Ford Capri. Particularly in Britain, the car has a thrilling grip on many enthusiasts that is rarely found in other cars. “The car you always promised yourself” – this is how Ford marketed it. It was very influential in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s.

Here’s the new Ford Capri: nostalgia-ready operation, but it’s going to be a stunning SUV

The electric Ford Capri makes itself known The most dangerous alternative to the Mustang Mach E in Europe. Ford of Europe chief designer Amko Leenarts recently made important statements to the British magazine Autocar, regarding the idea of ​​reviving old models.

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The Ford Capri will become an SUV: here is the new project that surprises everyone –

According to Ford senior management, the public loves remembering historical names, while exploring new territories and new models. Perhaps that wasn’t the case with the Mustang Mach-E, whose name is still almost as complex as understanding on first impact.

It is slated to become the new Capri A pillar of the Ford Group Along with the revised Puma (which will be fully electrified in the next couple of years), Kuga, Explorer, Mustang, Bronco, Raptor and, of course, Transit. This time, it won’t be a Capri coupe. Instead, it will be a coupe-crossover based on the same technology as the new Explorer.

Even if the model changes, even if the shapes change, a historical name like the Capri is always extraordinarily evocative, and it is so beautiful and desirable that it is now associated with a powerful SUV. Capri details are still a bit uncertain, though. Although it is limited to the MEB platform, which means it will likely be similar to the one in the Ford Escape, at least in terms of battery size and range: 52kWh or 77kWh battery, with a range of up to 500km.

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