The European Union will approve the takeover, according to Reuters –

The European Union will approve the takeover, according to Reuters –

L’Activision Blizzard acquisition from Microsoft Will come consent from European UnionOr at least that is the sentiment envisioned by some sources close to the European Commission, who reported to Reuters with microphones.

According to these people, a ten-year agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles would have taken away a lot of the edges of the discussion that, let’s not forget, should have revolved around User satisfaction rather than the interests of this or that multinational corporation.

Reuters sources claim that European Commission It will not make requests such as those expressed by the UK antitrust firm, which asked for Call of Duty to be removed from the equation or to separate Activision from Blizzard in order to approve the process.

For now, EU representatives declined to comment on the matter, but we do know that the European Commission will announce its decision on April 25th, and by then Microsoft may have something to celebrate.

The positive opinion of the European regulator can in fact exert a great deal of influence on the decisions of the Capital Markets Authority and the Federal Trade Commission, although in the case of the latter the objections seem to have more political value than anything else and can be. required to bring the matter before a third court.

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