The end of the mandatory mask requirement in health centers as of today All 21

The end of the mandatory mask requirement in health centers as of today  All 21

A man leaves the clinic wearing a mask. Image: ACN

the mask It is no longer mandatory in health and social health centres This midnight Tuesday. The Ministry of Health decided to cancel its mandatory use in light of… – Improvement of the general epidemiological situationAs stated in a statement on Tuesday. However, its use will still be recommended in some cases, such as for people with symptoms consistent with respiratory illness if they are in shared or poorly ventilated spaces or if they are in contact with people at risk; And in residences or health centers if symptoms appear. The measure began to be implemented on January 9 due to the worsening situation.

On the other hand, Slote reported that Care pressure remains stable. From January 22 to 38, 68,898 emergency cases were treated in hospitals, with a daily average of 9,843 cases. The income percentage reached 11.2%. Consequently, the pressure of care in hospital emergency services stabilizes, as does the rate of complication and admission.

In Primary Care Emergency Centers (CUAP), 27,431 emergency cases were treated, with a daily average of 3,919 cases. This is a similar trend compared to the previous week, so the activity remains stable. In the same period last year, 28,441 visits were attended to CUAP, with a daily average of 4,063 visits (3.6% more than this year).

Regarding the Assistance in Primary and Community Care (APiC) activity, 1,129,294 visits were carried out from Monday to Friday during daylight hours. The figure indicates a decrease of 3.27% compared to the previous week.

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In terms of continuing assistance activity (outside normal working hours), 48,368 visits were made to the primary school. This figure shows a similar trend to the third week of the year, with a decrease of 2.48%, and also compared to the same week of the previous year, with a decrease of 2.45%.


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