The credibility of science and propaganda ▷ Analysis of Western mechanisms

The credibility of science and propaganda ▷ Analysis of Western mechanisms

In the 1980s, the government United State It publishes guidelines to follow in order to meet the correct diet. Based on the latest scientific research, the government recommends a Low fat diet. The country is entering a new era of food: with the support of the media, doctors and the food industry, the population is adopting the new diet. Period analysis, however, turns out to beobesity He has a strong increase as well My heart disease. At that point everyone wondered why. One possible answer is that searches didn’t take that into account 15 out of 22 countries Analyzed, on the contrary, they were excluded precisely because they did not fit into the theory. among these, West Germany and the FranceThose who ate a high-fat diet did not have a high incidence of heart disease.

This story shows us how even science Maybe manipulate itIn order to achieve individual economic interests.
Science is not neutral, even when it tries to be rigorous; Because it is historical, it is specific, and there are those who pay the price for it, and often those who pay for it determine the results as well.”We live in a world where, unfortunately, mass information and education passes through the power of lobbyists, meddling media and regulatory agencies..”The moment the bearer of the truth is a scientific device, one can organize oneself to say anything“. respectively MeluzziAnd the Antonellis And the fraggis They give us our own picture Society Annoying, but at the same time true, about which we still have to think and talk for a long time.

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