The course of seminars “Ways of Science” is ongoing with Velletri 2030 – Velletri Life

The course of seminars “Ways of Science” is ongoing with Velletri 2030 – Velletri Life

The first symposium for the 2022-2023 session will be held on Saturday, November 26 at methodsA course that marks annually the activities of dissemination of scientific thought, designed and programmed by the Velletri 2030 association. As in the past, the course of seminars will be held in person and hosted by the State Higher Education Institute “Cesare Battisti” at its headquarters in Via dei Lauri 1. The title of the seminar is “Between determinism and probability in physics”Amplifiers Antonio Cocciaro And the Louis PapagnoSee attached leaflet.

The subject is difficult and the symposium aims to provide elements to be able to confront the distinction between the deterministic world and the probabilistic world in an informed manner. As can be read from the poster, humanity at the beginning of the last century realized that it was impossible to represent the phenomena that characterize the microscopic world at the atomic and subatomic level using the laws that had been used for many centuries to represent everyday life. Even if the first reaction is indifference to the atomic and subatomic world, just think of the countless practical applications of these laws to change your mind and get curious to know more.

We are already surrounded by technologies that would be impossible without quantum mechanics, and for many years: just think about transistorto an electron microscope, to a laser, to all solid-state electronics (computers, mobile phones, etc.), a variety of diagnostic tools and in general everything that depends ontunnel effect.

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All solid state electronics transistors, integrated circuits, microchips, etc. etc. They are based on knowledge of the physics of the atomic world that is explained by quantum mechanics, without which we wouldn’t even have a transistor. medical equipment such as CT (Axial tomography) f pet extension Positron emission tomography is based on quantum physics. Let’s think about it, especially when we ask our doctor to perform some diagnostic tests that would never have been possible without the formulation and practical application of quantum theories and probabilistic representations of some physical phenomena.

Of course it is still impossible to accurately predict the future, but we can help build it. This is an important message for those who must shape and build the future to meet the expectations of humanity. In particular the new generations, today’s students and tomorrow’s professionals and/or scholars.

We are waiting for you to talk about it and confront each other in some kind of debate, with the aim of breaking down the wall that separates the majority of us from knowing the physical laws that underlie the technologies of everyday use.

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