The car seen at the crime scene and studies of the thoughts of criminals –

The car seen at the crime scene and studies of the thoughts of criminals –
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A major in criminology, isolated from his university classmates: FBI agents identified him thanks to DNA and followed him for 4,000 km as he returned to his parents’ house

in these weeks Continue to attend courses from Washington State University where He was majoring in a PhD course in criminal justice and criminology. Then he moved back to Pennsylvania, 4,000 kilometers east, in the effort town where he grew up and where his parents still live.

the Brian Christopher Kohberger, 28 years oldCountry Arrested Friday, December 30: Accusation of presence The killer who killed last November 13 four students, ages 20 and he’s 21, in Moscow, a sleepy little town in Idaho with a population of 25,000. He is now in prison: denied bail and He will soon be transferred to Idaho where he will stand trial for premeditated murder.

FBI agents track his journey across the United States over the Christmas period while keeping tabs on his parents’ house. The white car he was driving is the same one seen by some of the witnesses Parked outside the home where the murders took place on the evening of November 13th.

That night, a man breaks into a house that three of the victims, along with their female companion, are renting to study at the local university. He killed them with a friend of one of them in his sleep, and then fled. The murder weapon, a knife, has not yet been found.

At the moment, the police have not leaked anything about a possible motive. Meanwhile, for The American media reconstructed the university’s career from Kohberger, due to the nature of his forensic psychology studies. After working for a few years as a security officer in a school district, he graduated this past June from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. Then he moved to Pullman, Washington for his Ph.D.

This past May, while studying at DeSales, Kohberger opened a poll on Reddit asking other users if any of them were in jail and whether, if so, they were willing to answer some questions about the crimes they committed. The responses to be sent covered thoughts, feelings and actions from the beginning to the end of the criminal process. His colleagues described him as a shy personeager to appear smart in front of others, however She is often isolated because of some offensive comments towards the LGBTQ community.

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