The 5 products that were worth a fortune today: If you own them, you own a little treasure

The 5 products that were worth a fortune today: If you own them, you own a little treasure

Some of the products you must have used during your teens could be worth a fortune today!

Over the past 30 years, technology has evolved significantly, bringing various products to the market that we cannot live without today. However, in the 80s and 90s, things were very different, and if you went through adolescence during that period, you definitely used some of it. Technological devices that could currently be worth a fortune!

The 5 products for your teenager that are worth a fortune today –

In this article, we will mention 5 devices that made the history of technology and that over the years have gained noteworthy economic and collectible value. We’re sure these will make you nostalgic for your adolescence, but if you’re younger, you’ll have the opportunity to read a little more information, which never hurts.

The 5 tech products that were worth your while in your teens are worth a fortune today

Let’s start with the Sony Walkman Which was first released in 1979. Obviously we are referring to the cassette version, then over the years CD versions were introduced to the market (early 2000s). There are many teenagers who own a Walkman to listen to music anywhere: on the bus, on the train, while walking or simply when you are not at home in front of the stereo. Today they can clearly be bought and used for around 600 euros.

An old walkman worth 600 euros
An old Walkman can cost up to 600 euros –

Do you remember when the first Nintendo came out? In Italy in 1987 it was the first console produced for those who intended to play it at home. It was gray in color and had a lift-off door to insert toys into manually. On eBay there are many ads for the Nintendo 1, prices range from 400 to 800 euros.

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What do you think of Nokia 3310? Launched in 2000, this mobile phone is perhaps one of the most successful devices in history having sold just over 130 million units worldwide. Snake is iconic at its core and many will remember its amazing battery life. It is possible to buy it online for between 150 and 150 euros.

Have you ever owned a Game Boy Color? It was a portable console that came to the market in 1998, first in Japan and later in the rest of the world. It was none other than the successor to the black and white Game Boy game. It was sold in different colors: purple, red, green, teal and yellow. Today some models can be purchased online at a cost of around 1000 euros.

Let’s conclude the nostalgia chapter with a video game that truly made history: Mario Kart 64. In this particular case, we are referring to the Nintendo 64 cartridge produced in 1996. Its price today is astonishing: 2,000 euros!

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