Study keeps the brain young: Science says so

It was already imagined, but in these areas the confirmation of science is important, and indeed essential: for To keep your brain young you have to study. You improve your education but not only; Parts of the brain are preserved in training.
say one Scientific research done at IRCCS, Santa Lucia Foundation in Rome, And it monitored the effects of study and school research on the human brain. The Italian survey received recognition in the international journal “Human Brain Mapping”.

What did the science say?

The study took into account both the appearance of the structure of the cerebral hemispheres and the functions of the brain regions. In particular the function of the hippocampus.

But what would improving brain capabilities and possibly keeping the brain young would involve? It’s Not Just About Getting Engaged In School: About Improving brain function Other activities of the day contribute as well, such as work and mindfulness every day, but also sports and leisure activities.

In short, everything has a huge impact on our minds. the People with greater activity in the lobes of the brain will be able to form a “cognitive reserve”; This way the anatomical brain is protected from the damages of aging, not least from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Aging, even if it were an entirely physiological process, would affect minds more trained to study and a more complete and extensive mental heritage, if it may be called, in a different way. the Brain youth theme, which has always been interesting from a scientific point of view, was analyzed by the Santa Lucia Foundation by means of a special resonance technique called DTI with an acronym.

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How do brain regions work?

The survey included 150 healthy peopleThose between the ages of 18 and 65 years. They underwent a high-field MRI scan; Through the images, the brain and its structure appeared in the eyes of researchers. Based on the parameters, the experiment strings were drawn.
doctor Gianfranco Spalleta He argued that, for the first time, one was able to identify a “place within brain regions” where intense mental activity is in fact capable of Reducing the harmful effects of aging. In short, this study only confirms what was said years ago. The study helps keep the human brain young and active and avoid diseases that can affect the lobes of the brain. This helps, according to Dr. Caltagirone“Having a realistic, less nihilistic attitude” toward the factor of cognitive decline.

The structure of the brain, that’s how it’s done

But from an anatomical point of view, how is the organ that directs all our activities formed? Explain in a few steps How does the brain work? It’s not easy, considering that some of the mechanisms are a mystery even to medical professors.

As a structure, it is divided into cerebral hemispheres. L ‘left cerebral hemisphere is relative to mission Mathematical logic and skill. The right person handles space and images. cerebral hemispheres It is wrapped and protected by a membrane called the mother of the brain. Is there a relationship between brain weight and function? Actually no: a man weighs about 1,350 grams versus 1,200 grams for a woman. But in proportion to body weight, the greatest difference in men practically disappears.

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iPhone, How many neurons do we have? Gender is heard using the expression “one neuron”, to refer to a person doing deep thought. In fact, this number is a hot topic. A brain tissue weighing 1,300 grams weighs 100 billion nervous cells; Each of these communicate with neighboring neurons creating 10,000 connections. Huge numbers for you to imagine.

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