Stellantis, John Elkann presents the new Fiat 600 and Topolino in Lingotto. It will be produced in Morocco and Poland.

once upon a time

Once upon a time there was Fiat. alloy. The track on the roof of the factory where the cars are tested. Fiat 500 Topolino Designed in 1934 by Dante Giacosa. Then the 17th century that emerged from the Mirafiori led by Vittorio Valletta to provide Italy with the “economic miracle”. Yesterday in Turin, at the event “The future is on the right track”, the future is on the right track, more than 170 journalists took a journey through time in the presentation of two new Fiat models registered by Stellantis. Everything was made in Turin as it was then, perhaps even more so than before, Except for productionwhich was stated by Fiat CEO Olivier François, “It will not be in Italy, but abroad, in Poland The new Fiat 600 in electric version and the new Topolino in Morocco».

two symbols

“It’s about two Iconic nameswhich represents a large part of our heritage, a legacy that is geared towards a future not only of the car but of the future of mobility,” he said. Elkan Presenting the new models and confirming that in Italy we have a glorious past, a strong present and a great future »and that the company wants to play a major role in the world. Because according to the top management of Fiat, the future is a global journey. As noted by the CEO Olivier Francois The Fiat brand is firmly back on the track.

Fiat brand

“The Fiat brand ranks first in terms of volume From the Stellantis collectionWith more than 1.2 million vehicles sold worldwide, the company is the leader in the 3 main markets: Italy, Brazil and Turkey, in 3 different regions. And above all the Fiat brand It’s profitable again, and it’s profitable. “Over the next three years, our product plan will return Fiat to its rightful place: as a leader, reference point and beloved brand,” said the senior director. For those who ask him why the group Stellantis makes more cars in FranceAbout a million, compared to Italy, about 400 thousand, a quarter in Turin thanks to the 500e, replied François, that the problem lies in the market and in incentives.

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The two models

“In Italy, we will produce more cars if they buy more. Italy is the only country in Europe that is cutting back on electricity due to There are not enough incentives». In the first six months of the year, sales of fully electric vehicles in our country stopped at 33,000 vehicles according to data from Motus-E, just 4% of the market according to Unrae. The two sisters of the 500e model, the larger one, the 600, were presented in Turinand, the smaller, Topolino. “When the Stellants were born, about two and a half years ago,” recalls John Elkann, “we were in the midst of an epidemic and despite that we bravely launched the electric Fiat 500, which was an amazing success. That is why I can proudly say that Stellantis is on the right track in Turin.” More than 100,000e have been produced in Mirafiori, which should increase thanks to exports to the US, and Elkann confirmed the company’s commitment to the city.

Production has already started

Indeed, speaking of Turin, Stellants head He noted two days ago that “the Green Campus was presented in Mirafiori, where one of the most impressive transformations in the sector is taking place, and a circular center will also be built there. Then there are the R&D design centers there, and after the summer the Battery Development Center will arrive ». Olivier François spoke He is also about the future, predicting a new launch for 2024. “It was crossing the desert, but here we are. And inside the Fiat Stellantis It has a very good reputation. In the last month as Fiat, thanks to the 500e, we have sold 60% of the fully electric vehicles of the entire range. We also have many new features ready for 2024 and 2025.” Meanwhile for both 600 and Topolino models, Production has already started The first orders are expected to be delivered during the year.

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