Smartphone batteries: the revolution is near

Smartphone batteries: the revolution is near

In a few days, a new phone will arrive on the market with an innovative battery: it promises a lot of charge, high charging speed and long life.

Smartphone manufacturer OnePlusIt is part of the BBK Electronics Maxi Group (Oppo, OnePlus, Realme, Vivo, Iqoo), and the world’s largest battery manufacturer. Cattleclaims to have found the solution to most of the problems Smartphone batteries.

In fact, OnePlus announced the arrival of a new power accumulator called “Icy battery“, which saves the day: large capacity and high charging power, but without any performance loss problem due to fast charging.

New OnePlus battery

the first Technical advantage What’s impressive about the new OnePlus-CATL battery is Energy densityThat is, the amount of energy that can accumulate in a given space: 763 watts/litreWhich corresponds to 426 mAh per gram of weight. The weight, in the case of this new high-performance battery, stops at 14 grams.

Total battery capacity is 6,100 mAhThat is about 20% more than the largest batteries currently used in smartphones. The charging power is high, but not standard: 100 watts. This is about half compared to other leading solutions that, at the moment, have not found a real commercial way because, unfortunately, the faster the charging speed, the worse the battery life becomes.

That’s why there’s another impressive fact about the new OnePlus battery with CATL technology: After 4 yearsAccording to the technical specifications, the battery is still capable of accumulating power80% of initial maximum power.

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The secret is silicon carbide

OnePlus did not reveal the technical secrets of this new battery, except for one: the anode Silicon carbide (SiC). This material is increasingly being used in the power electronics sector, but until now we have only seen it on chargers and the chips that manage charging.

A distinctive feature of silicon carbide is the ability to conduct powerful energy flows without experiencing side effects, e.g High temperature Or the escape of electrons. This allows, for example, the construction of high-performance battery chargers Very high strength But it is relatively small and light.

Apply toAnode (one of the battery’s two electrodes), SiC allows the OnePlus battery to recharge at 100W, resulting in much less heating and without damaging the battery’s internal materials.

When the new battery arrives

We will soon know whether all these promises will become reality or not: the new Glacier Battery created in collaboration with CATL will be integrated by OnePlus into the next smartphone. OnePlus Ace 3 Pro Which will be launched in China on June 27. The same phone is also scheduled to arrive in Europe in the coming months under the name OnePlus 12T.

It’s a high-end phone, moreover, OnePlus said it clearly in its icy battery presentation: The new battery is a high-end component, aimed at Premium smartphones.

Of course, as always happens in the world of technology, Within a few years Even mid-range phones (and hence low-end phones) will see the arrival of new batteries of this type.

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