Slovenia opens petrol and diesel prices: cap removed. Fvg is extending the maximum discount until the end of May

Slovenia opens petrol and diesel prices: cap removed.  Fvg is extending the maximum discount until the end of May

Trieste stops monitoring prices for petrol and diesel. From May 1 in Slovenia, the cost of fuel is again free: that is, it will be fixed by individual station operators, without a cap. This is the effect of the Ljubljana government’s decision not to extend the measure adopted on March 15 to counteract the price hikes after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The condition that it sets, in fact, a ceiling – 1.503 euros per liter for gasoline and 1.541 euros for diesel – until April 30.

Therefore, from Sunday, we can expect a significant increase in prices at the pump and, accordingly, less entry and exit for Italian motorists across the border. Indeed, if the Slovenian executive chooses not to renew the anti-price hike measure, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Council has chosen instead to extend the maximum fuel cuts for residents with a card for subsidized purchases at least until May 31.

As is known, there is talk of discounts of up to 34 cents for gasoline and up to 25 cents for diesel, depending on the distance from the municipal boundaries of residence, which are added to the 30.5 cent discount established at the state level .

Moreover, in light of the price liberalization that was once again taken in Slovenia, the region has chosen to return to pressure the Draghi government to lock in contributions. The Energy and Environmental Defense Adviser, Fabio Scoquemaro, announced a letter sent to the Prime Minister to underline the importance of the double discount that the pump price in Friuli Venezia for the first time in history was less than the off-limits price. .

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The commissioner also specified the figures for this period, as they will be attached to the address addressed to the government, with the aim of emphasizing the importance of maintaining the state’s contribution in order to make the price of the Italian pump competitive and to avoid “complete tourism”. –

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