Sixteen jobs at the same time for 3 years, become a millionaire in China (without ever showing up at the office)

Sixteen jobs at the same time for 3 years, become a millionaire in China (without ever showing up at the office)

woman in China He spent three years holding 16 different jobs at the company without ever showing up for work. Maxi scam Worth $7 million, according to what was reported by the Chinese government newspaper Xinmin. The woman, who was given only the pseudonym Guan Yue, kept track of all her employees on a piece of paper, and when she interviewed for a new job, posted photos of the interview on her companies’ job channels, claiming to be meeting with clients. When he received more job offers than he could handle, he passed the job on to a friend, guaranteeing himself a commission on the placement. Her husband also participated in the major fraud with her.

Matteo Poletti, the fake plastic surgeon who wanted to be an actor. No degree? “I read many books, I taught myself.”

Millionaire earnings

With the profits, which he paid into various bank accounts, Guan bought an apartment in Shanghai.

The scheme, which involved hundreds of companies, was uncovered in January, after the CEO of one noticed that one of his employees had revealed he was working at another company at the same time. The fraud eventually involved 53 people, all of whom were arrested.

Fraud in China

According to the newspaper, recruitment fraud of this kind is a major problem in China, where about 700 to 800 groups routinely accept jobs from multiple employers. The newspaper says that they are experts in recruitment and take pride in their impeccable CVs, even if they are fake. The newspaper reported that when these cases are discovered, they are rarely dealt with in criminal courts, and are arbitrated through labor law, which the groups have become increasingly adept at. In one case, a group infiltrated a company by successfully hiring one of its members as HR director, who then hired everyone else.

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