January 28, 2023

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Salernitana – Milan, Pioli: “Mignan won’t be back soon, Giroud is fine”

The Rossoneri coach at the pre-match press conference away at Salernitana: “Mike can’t force and press. Finally we’re back playing. A striker from the transfer market? The managers won’t be caught unprepared”

From our correspondent, Marco Basuto

Among the aspects in which Stefano Pioli said – in his words at the end of the year – that he had particularly improved, there are “different tactical solutions”. Something the coach has shown in the three years with the Rossoneri that he knows how to handle wisely partly because it was necessary to remove recognition from his team, partly because he was forced by practical needs. The New Year, with the first game set to take place in 2023, raises the issue radically on both sides. On the other hand, a decidedly less ‘genius’ side both in the last official matches before Qatar and in the December friendlies; On the other hand, a fairly overcrowded permanent infirmary forces the basics to be more important, and Pioli to get all the other shifts right.


“In terms of injuries, I’m responsible, because I’m responsible for what happens in Milanello. We’re working to reduce the number, which we obviously don’t like – explains Pioli -. However, for Origi and Rebic it’s not a matter of long problems, I think I’ll get it back soon A striker from the January transfer window? If managers had some chances, as always, I think they wouldn’t be ready.” But if the attack is somewhat short-range, the same cannot be said for the goalkeeper. Thus, when the technician is asked directly about Mainan’s possible return date, the answer certainly does not generate peace of mind: “At the moment there is no idea that he will return, the assessments tell us that he cannot therefore push me. I do not know the timing. Certainly not in the short term. We cannot take the risk.” By stopping again, the scar has not yet solidified.” At Salerno, Mirante’s option diminished after PSV’s mistakes, Tatarusano will play “who is the expert and in whom I have a lot of faith”.

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The same one that obviously belongs to the French vice world champions. And here the music changes, because the good news arrives. “I found both Giroud and Hernandez very well. The rest let them overcome the disappointment, they come back in good shape mentally and physically and they are available. Above all, they were very happy to be back and that’s an important factor.” So it’s easy to expect both owners. The discourse on de Kettleery is different, after the great disappointment in Qatar. “His difficulties also stem from the fact that he didn’t prepare well in the summer due to the long transfer window. Now I see him growing so I expect improvements.” However, Pioli does not like to talk too long about singles and is therefore keen to emphasize the general concepts that will be applied to the current season. “We made history by winning something very important last year but to stay there, in history we need to keep winning something this year as well. And we are very hungry. I was watching Leao’s report: many goals, many assists, but titles won? One “. The message is very clear: you are good, really very good, but the billboard is almost empty and the most suitable place to improve your career is here with us. Finally, a tactical tip: “Finally we’re back in action. In this period we’ve focused a lot on some situations that we noticed could be improved. There are five, and one of them is related to compactness. On the aspect, I have no doubts about the team: I trust a lot in my players.”

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