Road test and reviews of the new 2023 Dacia Jogger, a car that really has everything money can buy

Road test and reviews of the new 2023 Dacia Jogger, a car that really has everything money can buy

Dacia Jogger It is a hybrid characterized by ample practicality and space as it can accommodate 7 passengers comfortably, all without exorbitant expenses. The LPG version offers lower running costs.

within standard equipment We find automatic climate control and a simple yet effective multimedia system. But in terms of safety, the features are limited to the presence of an automatic emergency braking system and a few other features. Let’s take a closer look:

  • 2023 Dacia Jogger, road test
  • New reviews for the Dacia Jogger 2023

2023 Dacia Jogger, road test

Dacia Jogger is a compact vehicle that features Sober design even if it’s not entirely convincing. It is characterized as a slim model with some typical crossover characteristics. Among these features, there is a large ground clearance of 20 cm and additional protection for the vehicle’s body, allowing it to handle rough terrain. While the passenger cabin offers a simple yet refined finish, it also offers ample space and, as an option, a set of two additional seats is available in the trunk, allowing seven people to move around comfortably.

For drivers who are sensitive to operating costs, LPG is suitable: a full tank requires just over 30 euros, which, thanks to the effective tank capacity of 40 liters, allows you to travel 440 kilometers. If you choose to travel on petrol, consumption is reasonable, averaging 14.8km per litre. The three-cylinder turbo engine in the Dacia Jogger is efficient and responsive, especially when powered by LPG with its 101 hp; When running on gasoline, the power is reduced by 10 horsepower.

In either case, the acceleration performance is not the most lively, due to the longer transmission ratios, adopted to contain fuel consumption. The clutch is soft to the touch, but gear shifts can be a bit choppy. For the rest, the guide does not present particular critical aspects.

New reviews for the Dacia Jogger 2023

Although the barrels are adopted at the rear, the brakes New Dacia Jogger 2023 Effectively reduce braking distances. The competitive price of around €18,000 is attractive, especially given the seven-seater inclusion. No other new car offers the same wealth of content at such an affordable price point. Despite its moderate dimensions, the Dacia Jogger offers plenty of passenger space and a large trunk.

there dacia jogger transmission Offers limited maneuverability, with inconsistent reactions in the six reports. The car moves slowly, especially in sixth gear. Recorded acceleration times indicate the need to downshift for better performance. Automatic braking is included as standard, but it can’t detect pedestrians and cyclists. Systems such as lane keeping and fatigue warning are not even available on request.

Dacia Jogger is equipped with Plush suspension and light steering, which prioritizes comfort without compromising agility. Moving on to the standard equipment, the richer version, called Extreme, includes single-zone automatic climate control, cruise control, a reversing camera and rear distance sensors, as well as a multimedia system with an 8-inch screen and connectivity for mobile devices.

The safety equipment has some shortcomings: only the automatic braking system is standard, which, however, does not detect pedestrians and cyclists. There is no blind-spot monitoring option in the rear-view mirror, and there are no lane-keeping systems or related warnings. Also because of those Deficiencies in terms of driving assistance and occupant protection that is not always perfect in the event of a collision, Dacia Jogger It received only one star out of five in crash tests conducted in 2021 by Euro NCAP.

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