Recharging Electric Vehicles, the U.S. Still Lagging Behind – Under the Lens

Recharging Electric Vehicles, the U.S. Still Lagging Behind – Under the Lens

The United States is not ready for the electric vehicle boom that has already arrived according to analysts by 2025. To meet energy demand and especially non-domestic supplies while on the road, the charging network must quadruple by 2025. 2025 and increase eightfold by 2030. Done This is highlighted by a study by S&P Global Mobility reported by the authoritative Business Insider. The new report states that, assuming we could have as many as 7.8 million electric cars on US roads in 2025, this would require the use of 700,000 Level 2 poles and 70,000 Level 3 poles.
Looking at completion by 2030 – with up to 28.3 million electric vehicles expected to be in use – 2.13 million Level 2 and 172,000 Level 3 public charging stations will be needed. S&P Global Mobility surveys indicate that currently in the US there are about 126,500 Level 2 charging stations (which take about 5 hours to fully recharge an electric vehicle) and 20,431 Level 3 rapid installations (about 15-20 minutes to reach 80% of the battery). . There are also approximately 16,822 Tesla Superchargers and Tesla Chargers. The lack of charging infrastructure is a problem, as a global consumer study by Deloitte cited a lack of public charging infrastructure as a major barrier to EV penetration. The utility sector – according to Guidehouse Insights – aroused great interest because it could represent a market worth more than $ 207.5 billion by 2030, but it will face many challenges because these businesses are not very profitable, as they often require a long time to operate. , Electricity and construction are expensive and complicated. Nor is it clear where he will bear the burden of maintaining the infrastructure once it is in place. That could change with renewed momentum from the Biden administration, which aims for a national network of 500,000 public charging stations by 2030 and has committed $7.5 billion to build those facilities. .

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