“Putin is a skilled strategist, and he will use Nixon’s strategy.”

“Putin is a skilled strategist, and he will use Nixon’s strategy.”

Sick or crazy? There are those who dispute that Russian President Vladimir Putin Loss of contact with reality and the most likely causes are: side effects from Long Covid or amazing staging. A stage, a smart strategy, in short, known as the “Madman Theory” and originally attributed to US President Nixon. It is precisely on this premise that the main intelligence agencies of the United States have been thinking about it from the moment Vladimir Putin has chosen the hard line beyond all reasonableness. First, the constant threats to the West (defined as a “factory of lies” and an “empire of lies”, then the alert of Russia’s deterrent force that also includes nuclear weapons, and also declarations about Ukraine “a country to be stripped” and even a formal reprimand of Sergei Naryshkin, Director of Intelligence Foreign Ministry in Moscow, who supported the course of dialogue. Boyas well as United States of America And for Europe, Vladimir Putin would have lost the clarity that had always distinguished him.

Ukraine and Draghi attack Putin: “We need a quick reaction, the illusion that peace is a foregone conclusion is over”

there crazy theory (or madman) is foreign policy behavior intended to frighten one’s enemies by persuading them that they can be attacked with massively disproportionate reactions, that is, by insane ones. It has been attributed to Richard Nixon, who made it an essential component of his own interpretation of American foreign policy, in the years 1969 to 1974, when he was President of the United States of America. It was Nixon himself who explained his apparently irrational handling of the Vietnam War, saying that he wanted to believe that, being obsessed with communism, he could attack anywhere and with any force, even against the same interests of the United States, and so it was better Pamper him to avoid risks.

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Another essential component of the Mad Man theory is the availability of dangerous and unstoppable weapons, such as atomic weapons, which consequently retain the same function they had at the time of the Cold War: in fact, no other weapon could unleash such power so quickly. But it is more important to show by force that the possibilities of its use are not remote. Only in this way can one give credence to international threats and pressures on other countries in the world.

US intelligence fears that Vladimir Putin’s sometimes incomprehensible behavior could be a ploy to confuse and confuse the West. It would not be the first time that, in international relations, someone tried to appear deliberately irrational, in order to force the opponent to be careful. Michael A. explains. Horowitz, a security analyst at the Beck Institute: “If that’s what Putin does, he’s horribly good at it.” One thing is for sure: intentional or not, Vladimir Putin’s moves have already displaced the West. In fact, most Western analysts believed that the Russian president was cheating by threatening to invade Ukraine. Hugely wrong thesis.

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