Puigdemont accuses Ella of going to Madrid in the middle of the season

Puigdemont accuses Ella of going to Madrid in the middle of the season

Since the Socialist candidate for the Catalans, Salvador Illa, did not attend the event he was planning in Tarragona to go to the Federal Committee PSOEthe candidate togetherCarles Puigdemont accused him of “going to Madrid to receive instructions from the PSOE” and warned that the 2012 elections “are not about the future of the party.” Pedro Sanchez“.

The presence of Ella in Madrid to ask Sanchez to stay in Moncloa was the focus of Puigdemont's criticism on the third day of the campaign in Argelès-sur-Mer (France) after he expressed in an interview with Europa Press his support for the Prime Minister. The extreme right's judicial attack against his wife. However, because he was forced not to turn his rhetoric mainly against the Socialists, Puigdemont warned again that there would be an “intensive attack to Spanishize the campaign.”

The former president is aware of the extent of the focus now on Moncloa. Puigdemont, who considered these elections a “recovery” election for him and announced his candidacy, said, “We will not accept that they mislead us. They expect a reaction and they will get it, and they will find it in the form of votes.” “The only one who can win and who can ensure that nothing advances the interests of the Catalans.”

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