February 5, 2023

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PS5, Japanese speculators are now selling it at lower prices than the official ones – Multiplayer.it

Apparently I am Japanese ads They started selling PS5 to me Prices are lower than official pricesBloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki reports on this, reiterating that Sony’s console distribution issues now seem like a thing of the past and that buying one this year will be much easier.

It’s easy to understand the reasons behind this phenomenon: with Japanese store shelves adequately stocked with new ones Playstation 5the speculators find themselves in a situation where they have to sell the units in their possession in order to quickly recoup the costs incurred for their purchase, since it will not be possible to make money.

In fact, since last November there has been talk of a loss of interest in the PS5 on the part of reviewers, given that despite the slow It’s normal And now Sony console restocking is very frequent. In short, getting one at a significant additional cost no longer makes sense.

“Finally, the average PS5 price at speculators is below the official price in Japan,” Mochizuki wrote in a Twitter post. “As I already wrote, it will be much easier to find and buy the PlayStation 5 in stores this year.”

In the attached photo by the Japanese journalist, different models of the PS5 can be seen, with prices ranging from 59,000 to 50,000 yen: these numbers equal 423 and 359 euros, respectively.

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