Protein bars, always read the label: What to note to avoid serious illness

Protein bars, always read the label: What to note to avoid serious illness

Recently, the consumption of protein bars has increased dramatically, especially by those who do a lot of sports. But it is a good idea to read the label and if there are some indications it is best to avoid taking it.

not everything protein bars They are good for our health, before consuming them you must read the label to see if there are certain ingredients or not and above all in quantity, to avoid serious illnesses.

Protein bars, from the label you know if they’re bad –

Above all, it is athletes and women who consume a lot of protein bars, but they often do so unconsciously and not knowing that they are taking in a large amount of protein. Some of the ingredients can be dangerous to your health. Learn what to say on the label before taking these products.

Protein bars, what to read on the label before you take them

Before you start consuming protein bars, it is good to know If our body really needs more protein. Speech for those who exercise when needed is clearly different. For adults, the required amount is 1 gram of protein per pound per day.

Protein bars, the healthiest to eat –

This type of food was created for those who do a lot of sports, a quick and tasty meal to consume to get the amount of protein needed for training. Over time, however, theThose trying to lose weight have also started consuming protein bars or as a snack replacement. This is precisely why it is important to read the label before taking them.

The tapes that we find on the market usually contain between 8 and 10 grams of protein per 100 grams of product. We know that no other meal has more energy than this type of product. The difference is in the feeling of hunger it leaves and the amount of sugar it contains. For this reason, if it is consumed by those who do not exercise, it may cause health risks.

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Therefore, the rule is to read the label. For a serious penis, the first thing to note is the protein base, and therefore ingredients such as whey or proteins of vegetable origin. In addition to The longer the ingredient list, the lower the quality for the product.

Another thing to watch out for is the quantity and quality of sugars, because some of them have a bad effect on the intestines with consequent stomach upsets. So what do you do if you are not sure which protein bar you should be consuming?

there The most appropriate solution Who is this Prepare this food at homeThere are many recipes to follow that are easy and quick, but above all healthy and light. As ingredients you can combine dried fruits, oat flakes, chocolate chips and greek yogurt, once you mix it in a bowl just add some beaten egg whites to freeze it. Results? Delicious and healthy product.

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