PlayStation Plus: Sony defends price increases

PlayStation Plus: Sony defends price increases

Sony is back again Price increases to PlayStation Plustry somehow Justify them. As you may recall, growth in 12-month subscriptions was recorded across the board, leaving many feeling bitter, considering you can spend up to 35% more.

Eric Lamplsenior vice president and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, explained the reasons for the increases in an interview with Barron’s magazine: “We want to make PlayStation Plus great. With last year’s relaunch and the introduction of the tiered system, many consumers have realized that there is great value.” On PlayStation 5.

Like almost everything in this world, we have had to look at our prices and adjust them to suit the conditions of the world market.

I’m happy to say that unlike many other subscription services, we haven’t touched PlayStation Plus prices in 85% of the world for many years. So this is the first time we’ve done this.”


Is Plus still worth it?

Let’s summarize the increases:

  • PlayStation Plus Basic 12-month subscription (previously €59.99 per year)
  • US$79.99 | €71.99 | £59.99 | 6,800 yen
  • PlayStation Plus add-ons 12-month subscription (previously €99.99 per year)
  • US$134.99 | €125.99 | £99.99 | 11,700 yen
  • PlayStation Plus Premium 12-month subscription (previously €119.99 per year)
  • US$159.99 | €151.99 | £119.99 | 13,900 yen

Lempel then explained the strategy Sony On PlayStation Plus: “We feel we offer a large, good catalog of games, as well as other features and services.”

Lempel then emphasized that Teams gives you the opportunity to spend whatever you want depending on what you’re looking for in the service.

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