February 5, 2023

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Plane with 72 people on board crashes in Nepal, national mourning tomorrow – ASIA

airplane A Yeti Airlines carrying 72 people crashed today in Nepal. There were 68 passengers and four crew members on board. Police said at least 67 people died. According to the media, there are no survivors. Local authorities say the search for survivors continues.

the The plane crashed, as Nepal Live Today reports, in Pokhara, in Kaski district, about 200 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu. The causes of the accident are unknown at the moment.

A number of foreigners were on board Among them are five Indians, four Russians, an Irishman and two South Koreans: The Economic Times of India reports. There are currently no reports of Italians on board.

Nepal, a plane crash with 72 people on board

According to Asian media, the plane came from Kathmandu and crashed upon landing in a built-up area between the old Pokhara airport and the new international airport that was recently opened in the city. The plane caught fire.

Images of the disaster posted online by Nepal Live Today show the disaster logo with several homes in the background. Upon hitting the ground, near the Siri River, the plane caught fire, and other photos and videos published by Asian media showed thick columns of smoke caused by parts of the plane on fire.

Nepalese government announced for tomorrow National mourning day.

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