Philippines “This is how much I spent on carbonara…” the young man reveals the price

Philippines “This is how much I spent on carbonara…” the young man reveals the price

A boy bought several ingredients to prepare carbonara, and spent a real fortune: the young man was in the Philippines.

“How much did you spend on carbonara…”, which is in the Philippines and reveals the price (

there Bacon and eggs It is one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world and, as many of you know, part of Roman gastronomy. A boy living in the Philippines decided to prepare a good dish of this specialty of the Eternal City and found himself faced with a bitter realization: he had truly spent a fortune to be able to purchase the ingredients needed to prepare the dish. Let’s find out together how much he paid for bacon and pecorino.

Italians prepare carbonara in the Philippines: ingredients sell for their weight in gold

Mirko Bassil He is Italian and moved to Filipino Who one day decided to make a good carbonara at home.

For this reason, head to the supermarket to buy the ingredients needed to prepare one of the most famous and well-known dishes in the world of Italian cuisine, especially Roman cuisine.

When he found himself at the exit, he made a bitter discovery: Pecorino cheese And bacon, as you know, is the essential ingredients for preparing an excellent carbonara, at amazing prices in the Philippines.

For this reason, Mirco decided to make a post on Facebook, explaining his purchasing experience and how, in the Philippines, preparing a simple carbonara can truly represent the idea of ​​nabob.

Price of pecorino and bacon

The young man went to a store specializing in foreign products, which also sells Italian Doliva oil, at a price of 30 euros per liter, but not only that: also other products. Usually Italian They are only sold at exorbitant prices, think for example of tomato pulp which costs 2.50 euros.

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Then there Mozzarella cheeseIt was sold for six euros, mascarpone for 14 euros, and finally ricotta for eight euros. It is clear that these products are not affordable for everyone, also taking into account the fact that local residents earn between 200 and 400 euros per month and therefore cannot buy these products from These high prices.

Anyway, the guy bought 160 grams Jowls 160 grams of pecorino for 18 euros, prices worthy of a starred restaurant, even if the higher price is attributable to Grana padano Which the boy bought and paid €25 per kilo, accompanied by a one-litre carton of milk, sold for €1.50.

In short, Mirko overspent 46 euros To prepare a simple carbonara at home. In Italy, you know, he would have spent half as much if not less. But on the other hand, the boy is abroad, and in any case, the cost of Italian products is much higher than what I described in Italian stores

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