One person died in a house fire in…

One person died in a house fire in…

This morning, the Generalitat Fire Department extinguished a fire on the third floor on Valdirori Street, in Calella (Maresme), where one person died.

When fire crews arrived at the blaze, for which a warning was received at 03.47am, they found a fully engulfed fire on the third floor of a seven-storey building, with the stairs engulfed in smoke. The Fire Department activated five water trucks, an automatic ladder truck, and two command vehicles, with the head and deputy head of regional coordination, and the health unit of the Operational Support Group (GROS) with a nurse, to work to extinguish the fire. SEM (Emergency Medical System).

After inspecting and ventilating the stairs, and once the fire had attacked the third floor, firefighters declared the fire under control at 04.13 and found the lifeless body of a person inside. The floor was completely burned and the fire did not go beyond it. The neighboring house was affected by smoke, as were the upper floors.

Inside the burning apartment there is a person who evacuated himself before the firefighters arrived and another is confined in a room with a dog, and the fire brigade was able to provide her security at all times by locating her away from the smoke. And the fires. From the next floor, firefighters evacuated a person in good condition down a neighbor's stairs in a side building. The residents of the rest of the apartments evacuated or stayed in their homes, without any significant impact.

Once the fire was under control, firefighters also examined the remaining floors of the building, ruled out structural damage, and after extinguishing the fire, allowed the evacuees to return to their homes, except for the two floors of the third floor. The two floors remained uninhabitable, one due to the effects of fire and the other due to smoke.

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The Mossos d'Esquadra services activated 7 teams and opened an investigation to clarify the causes of the fire, as well as to determine the identity of the deceased person. On behalf of the emergency emergency services, they activated 6 units and evacuated 3 less seriously ill people to Calella Hospital. Local police in Calella also served on duty.

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