Offer to be taken on the fly

Offer to be taken on the fly

Finding a mid-range smart TV that guarantees good video quality at a good price is a less simple task than one might imagine. For this reason it is recommended to rely on well-known brands.

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the LG Q75 55 Inch Smart TV It guarantees an immersive visual experience at a more than attractive price tag. The advanced LED panel and fifth generation processor allow you to watch movies and TV series in impeccable quality, while the playback platform allows access to programs of all kinds. Thanks to Today’s highest discount on AmazonLG Smart TV has never been so easy: an offer not to be missed for any reason.

LG 55UQ75006LF 4K Smart TV 55 inch with WEBOS22

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LG 55UQ75006LF Technical Sheet: Features and Functions

LG Smart TV is among the best offers today on Amazon. Among its strengths are a lighting panel that it Healer Capable of returning realistic images like never before. The screen guarantees a very wide range of colors and, thanks to its 4K UHD resolution, very detailed images. P was foundα5 Gen 5 processor Instead, it uses advanced algorithms to analyze frame streaming in real time and adapt settings to the program you’re watching.

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And if that’s not enough, you can count on preset display modes based on different scenarios. the movie mode, for example, is designed for movie lovers and allows you to watch movies as intended by directors and editors. Not only are the brightness, contrast, and color settings automatically adapted, but the display mode is also adapted to the aspect ratio in which the movie was shot. In short, it will be like being in the cinema without leaving your living room.

operating platform webOS 22, among the most complete and appreciated in the Smart TV sector, guarantees access to multimedia contents of all kinds. Simply install one of the many streaming service apps to access TV series and movies, or access the contents and channels provided by the platform itself. Thanks to mirroring, you will be able to view videos and photos saved on your smartphone in a simple and instant way.

LG 55-inch Smart TV at an all-time low: Show and Ultimate Price

Therefore, a valid and versatile TV is available today on Amazon at an unmissable price. Smart TV from the South Korean manufacturer can already be purchased for one 41% discount and costs 379.90 euros. The savings compared to the list price is significant: by purchasing it today, you will pay 270 euros less than the price recommended by the manufacturer.

LG 55UQ75006LF 4K Smart TV 55 inch with WEBOS22

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