“Noris at Ferrari, prior agreement. Sainz-Audi 2025”: Formula 1, hot Saward!

“Noris at Ferrari, prior agreement. Sainz-Audi 2025”: Formula 1, hot Saward!

Rome – It is the extent of indiscretion (for now that’s what it’s about) that dictates the more classic “lead feet”. But the famous source authority British journalist Joe Sawardan authentic foundation in the environment, combined with the geographical (and chronological) alignment with the last Grand Prix of the season, which was held precisely in Englandl SilverstoneTurn this British journalist’s latest blog post into a real bombshell: Lando Norris McLaren is on its way to moving to Ferrariwith a lot of The pre-agreement has already been signed between the two parties.

Formula 1, the driver market is ready to explode

explains it, opinionin his latest publication, titled Green notebook from Dunkirk.: Norris And Registern was the subject of very different rumors about the future over the weekend, both regarding the Ferrari This is in Red Bull – Saward reports – Someone thinks so Lando may already have some kind of pre-contract with Ferrari. Rumors have always been believed So Carlos Sainz will go to Audi in 2025, while others believe that Charles Leclerc would go crazy if he was at Ferrari, and that Mercedes would love to have him with him. I’m not saying any of that is true, I’m just referring to what you hear about pastures.”. Now, as mentioned, these rumors will pass, if confirmed. or denied. What is certain is that the rumors about Norris are inflaming an already heated environment, where the topic of pilots has long been the center of attention. media and more.

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