No more roller blinds and shutters, everyone loves IKEA’s innovative solution

No more roller blinds and shutters, everyone loves IKEA’s innovative solution

Technology and innovation also provide us with solutions in the window sector, and at IKEA it is possible to find some innovative solutions.

Everyone knows that the Green Homes Directive is now in full swing and therefore everyone will have to adapt to transforming the home to make it more energy sustainable.

there are many Interventions to be adopted To reach the goal, however There are not only photovoltaic panels. A sustainable home is also a home that does not allow heat to escape from the windows in the winter and does not allow heat to enter in the summer. to’thermal insulationSo, Contributes to improving energy class From home, today it can also be obtained at a minimal cost.

Only at IKEA can you find the “green” alternative to curtains and curtains, here are the news of the year

Having windows insulated from light, heat and cold is certainly a solution that provides comfort, but also leaves a more sustainable footprint for the home.

At IKEA you can find designer curtains that insulate noise, cold and heat –

Today, thanks to technological and design innovation, we can purchase certain curtains that avoid precisely these functions, and the good news is that You don’t need to spend a fortune Because they were found For sale at IKEA.

to’Swedish company of low-cost furniture As well as achieving great success around the world They are also very committed to sustainability. It does this by designing and creating furniture accessories that perform different functions, from aesthetic to energy efficient.

In particular, we can buy from IKEA today Different types of curtains ideal for thermal control, and also very aesthetically pleasing. Among them, the wireless roller blinds with remote control “Estor matt FYRTUR”: smart blinds, because they can also be managed via the IKEA Home Smart app. They have standard dimensions and a price of 129 euros each.

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Alternatively, you can also find the Japanese “FÖNSTERVIVA” panel at IKEA: available in different colors ashen And Light beigehe have Thin texture Transparent, allowing light to pass through precisely; It costs very little, just 19.90 euros.

Finally, we also suggest you take a look at some of the details sound absorbing curtains, Thus improving the comfort of the room. GUNNLAUG sound-absorbing curtains are white, made of woven chenille for this special function. Each package includes 2 tentsas tall as 300 cman offer 145 cm It is for sale in 69.99 euros.

Therefore, there is a wide choice, and above all prices are within reach of any budget. All you have to do is go to IKEA, choose the new green curtains you like, and improve the thermal and acoustic comfort of your home.

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