NBA Christmas Day: Steve Curry leads Golden State to success over Phoenix


The story of the first half between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors

Warriors start strong and start strong steve curry: number 30 degrees 11 points with a hat-trick in the first four minutes From the match the guests immediately build an advantage of 6 lengths (20-14). The readings and energy on both sides of the inspiration field are also crucial Draymond Green (6 assists, 2 steals and a block in the first quarter alone)And Also hit by the bow. The most productive start-up for Suns is Deandry Eaton, which confirms his poison under the basket on the registration paper 8 points 4/5 for the shot In the first 12 minutes. 8 points also for Chris Paul. Golden State closes the first quarter on Plus 6 (33-27).

Keep playing better the Warriors at start up Second QuarterSteve and his friends They also defend hard limits above all Devin Booker in the Shadows In the first part of the game, I started with 1/5 bad shooting. It makes 2/2 of a bow instead Michael Bridges To keep the sun in touch. Instead, they all scored for Steve Kerr, with nine Golden State players already on points 4 minutes into the second quarter. In the middle of the stage though Hosts defense rises, who – with Curry on the bench – find a Overtaking on 43-42 With another basket from below iTunes (14 points and 5 rebounds in the first half). Booker gets up too, and Carrie answers him again (who often makes some mistakes from a distance), with the help of Payton of 12 points in the first half. But Chris Paul (16 steps) find Triple at expiration From the first half to 62-58 Suns.

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The story of the second half between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors

Immediately on target Booker E Bridges At the beginning of the third quarter to keep the sun in the foreground. but still Payton e Curry On the other hand, they report in connection with Golden State, and Draymond Green Log in New Overtaking (71-68) With the second triple of his game. Golden State thanks a couple of good plays on both sides of the square kevon looney (Blocked to Poker and Extraordinary Hack Basket). However, Phoenix finds points off the bench to come back with them Cameron Johnson e Cameron Payne. Points from the bench in the third quarter final also for the wrestlers cuminga e Wehaterspoon, And we go to the last rest in perfect condition Parity: 84-84.

amazing trilogy curryAnd the fourth of his game at the beginning of the fourth half and the warrior star It rises to 28 points. Bellica and Otto Porter also scored from the bow. Chamet and Maki are trying it Stay connected to Phoenix, ma Curry is hot right now And with another bomb and a reverse penetration trying to push the edge: they are 33 his and more 7 Golden State in 104-97. The suns come back down with bombs baofor any Raises to 21 points with 8 assists) and Crowder, for minus two at 2’50 From the sirens. But he thinks of digging the decisive groove for the sake of the warriors Otto Porter with three baskets respectively which led him to 19 points Personal. Golden State won 116-107 and passed the Suns for the lead in the Western Conference.

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