Summer of Games Follow us on live events and shows for Summer 2022 Summer of Games Follow us on live events and shows for Summer 2022

Between events, presentations, and new announcements, it looks like we’re not going to miss E3. Although the Los Angeles Historic Show has been pushed back to next year, that doesn’t mean summer 2022 will be any less hot for video game fans. eve play condition As Sony will show new games for PS5 and (finally) PlayStation VR 2, a very diverse summer schedule will take shape and keep us hooked over the next few weeks. Smaller, more targeted presentations – such as those dedicated to the Warhammer games or the mysterious new SEGA project – will be accompanied by some of the year’s most anticipated broadcast events, with a special interest in showing Xbox and Bethesda and the Summer Feast Live game.

Not just international events: Again this month we’ll be following the new edition of JOIN, a showcase dedicated to Italian development teams, while in July the annual Italian Video Game Awards will take place. August will then see the return of QuakeCon and, above all, Gamescom in Cologne, which will open with a partyOpening Night Live. Finally, the summer will end in September with the Tokyo Games Show and the most awaited shows developed by Japanese teams.

At the time of writing, some names are missing, and we’re willing to bet they’ll be added to the party pretty soon, as Nintendo has been bringing its lineup of games into a rich summer live for years, while other publishers like Ubisoft and Square Enix could learn more about titles in development. With other live events.

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Ah, we forgot about the details: we’ll be back telling you about the main events live from the places they’ll be staged, meeting the developers and experiencing some of the most anticipated games of the year. In Los Angeles, we’ll preview Summer Games Fest news, then fly to Cologne for Gamescom and Tokyo at TGS 2022: all while we’ll continue to entertain, inform and discuss the latest news daily. In short, the Summer Games by Multiplayer.itOur summer for video games is back in a big way, and we hope you’ll want to follow it in our company, on our website pages, with our YouTube videos and in the company of our live shows on Twitch.

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