Ms. Simo and the director's open doors. For aunts

Ms.  Simo and the director's open doors.  For aunts

Dear sir. simon,

I have hesitated a lot in devoting my time to writing this letter to you because since last Wednesday, Mr. President Aragonés announced the call for elections in the country, you probably do not care much, as a mere acting advisor, very much I want to tell you about the open days I have lived this year at ESO . I don't know what to do, lady. Simon I constantly receive emails from families asking me to find a school model for their sons and daughters that is more academically rigorous and different from what we offer.. Now I really don't understand anything, Counselor!

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Xenia Murillo, principal of a public high school in Santa Coloma for 12 years and therefore very experienced in the tasks required by educational leadership. When I started out, this thing about open days, I had little respect, but over the years, I'd really measured the whole sale thing, because (let's keep it between us) that's what it's all about, right? , to trick families into buying your school project like someone buying an all-inclusive wristband vacation at a resort in Punta Cana. I must admit that in the early years, I had doubts about this, because, on second thought, the fact that the public service must explain its projects and virtues in order to attract parishioners seems like serious nonsense that it could not bring. Anything is good. Can you imagine, Councilor, that you and I and all the people of Santa Coloma could choose which CAP should help you in case of illness, after touring the doctors' offices and dispensaries, examining radiology and bronchoscopy machines, consulting the degree of propensity to provide prescriptions at the patient's request, and, in the end, after listening to the speeches of the director of the center, accompanied by smiling doctors, dressed in flawless gowns and gowns? What is the decisive criterion: the welcoming color of the walls? Comfortable waiting room seating? The musical thread that sets the mood? The management smile that greets you? Or perhaps the seduction skills of a nurse, nurse or infirmary, that we already know that everything goes to the taste of the consumer?

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Even now, once the views stop, it's always been smooth sailing. It wasn't a matter of pinning medals on myself, but at the same time that I was selling my institute as a first-class public center (and not as the most sophisticated one) I was a real crack. Look if that were the case, even the directors of the city's concert hall would be afraid of me! And I know I was walking around the neighborhood that gave me the nickname “Xenia, the Witch of Families.” There wasn't a tournament that we didn't have to turn down dozens of pre-registration requests from the bastard.

When I was in the meeting room, I took the microphone and saw the waiting looks of the parents, I grew up and my life began letter Adept at thoughtful intonation, pauses and banter. As someone who would give a heron for a partridge, I explained to them the virtues of long hours of globalized enterprise work, the futility of traditional textbooks and the need to use digital resources to create competent citizens adapted to the new era. As the person who gave them the pill, I sang to them about the merits of our classrooms being renovated with tables of five in favor of group formative assessment; Comfy sofas, cushions and cushions, plus natural plants we had just planted especially for the day (I always suspected some students ate them like goats in the Oscar-winning movie) Bad things). Away from the cinematic arcs and returning to the content of the speech, she stressed that the search for happiness was for us one of our basic pillars. That's why what has really impressed families year after year is the Relax emotional learning project. Through an abundance of details, we told them about the development of our program that addressed aspects related to self-knowledge, such as the educational modules “Who am I?”, “How do I deal with anxiety attacks?” Or “What do I do when I feel down?” The highlight of my speech, which had potential clients salivating, was the enumeration of educational trips such as looking for the treasurecamps and end-of-year trips, without neglecting the list of exciting extracurricular activities such as rap, hip-hop, Complete focus of mind s Jiu Jitsu I agreed to reasonable rates with a private institution.

All this well crafted rhetoric that has worked for me for so many years, I feel like this course won't be for me. I always receive emails from families thanking meletterBut ignore my position

All this well crafted rhetoric that has worked for me for so many years, I feel like this course won't be for me. I'm confused and distraught, because just days before the pre-registration period ends, we're eating our snot and I keep getting emails from families thanking me forletterBut my center refused with arguments like these: If they prefer textbooks and traditional materials; That if we don't do enough homework and don't take exams; That whether or not we plan to ban cell phones and limit exposure to digital screens; What about discipline? So where is the center's library and how often do we renew its collection (huh?); And I did not see them as laboratories and technology workshops; If they want a workout class; Why don't we play chess in game time, long time etc. However, my peak was driven by the type of extracurricular activities I was asked to do. It turns out that they now want their sons and daughters to learn more languages, music, choral singing and especially theater to exercise their memory! Not to mention the most extreme, this type of parent Hippies, which suggests reading clubs, or weekly philosophical debates!! Do you understand what's happening? What did we miss, Madam Simone?

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Mary, fortunately we don't have much left, Counselor. Yours because your term ends early, and mine because after so many years of giving figs to light bulbs, I've managed to consolidate my financial management supplement for life, I've done the numbers and I can retire. Now, if you want to do one last bit of service to the educational community, please Show the senior people in your department and the private organizations they work with that the cycle of enterprise and happiness has ended. The educational paradigm shift that you and I have preached so far has gone bankrupt, collapsing like the Titanic and we haven't even noticed it. It seems that what was required from now on was a return to effort, knowledge and common sense, and to put this much rationality into it, it was not necessary to pay so many expert commissions. Even families, who for many years had innocently bought Doro dinners, have opened their eyes and, after the results of the latest PISA tests, no longer allow their shirts to be lifted.

I end this letter with my best wishes from a retiring director to a transitioning director.


Xenia Murillo

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