MP, the appeal nullifies everything: Mussari, Fini and all the banks involved are acquitted

MP, the appeal nullifies everything: Mussari, Fini and all the banks involved are acquitted

Everything has been cancelled. The former head of Mps, Giuseppe Musari He was acquitted at trial over alleged irregularities in structured finance transactions (derivatives) carried out by Roca Salimbeni between 2008 and 2012 in an attempt to cover (according to the indictment) losses from the acquisition of Antonveneta. The Milan Court of Appeal overturned the first instance sentence to 7 years and 6 months.

The operation, as mentioned above, relates to some financial transactions carried out by the Sienese Bank. The crimes that the prosecution alleged against all the defendants were, for various reasons, market manipulation, false accounting, false prospectus, and an obstacle to the regulatory authority.

At the center of the investigation were the derivatives of Santorini and Alexandria, which Mps undertook to insure with Deutsche Bank and Nomura and which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, would have made it possible to hide the true financial position of the bank, referring in particular to losses after Antonveneta.

All defendants (sixteen in total, including Banks) acquitted, mostly on the basis of subject matter. For some episodes, prior to August 2011, the statute of limitations has expired. In fact, the second court of appeal, headed by Angela Scalise, overturned the initial ruling, and also overturned the forfeiture of 88 million for Nomura and 64 million for Deutsche Bank, accused with the London branch, and all ancillary penalties.

All this is incredible when reading the device. alternative p Gemma Galdywho requested sentences slightly less than those decided by the court due to some rules, left the court without making any statement.

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“This is to reveal how the terrible power of prosecution is exercised in Italy, where, fortunately, there is still a fortified judge in Berlin,” said Professor Tullio Padovani and lawyers Francesco Maringhi and Fabio Besello, Mussari’s advocates. Their joke refers to the famous phrase “the judge is still in Berlin” in Bertolt Brecht’s work, in which it speaks of a mill emperor stubbornly fighting to reform his mistreatment. “Attorney Al-Musari – concluded his lawyers – is not what he was when this case began, and nothing is going to bring him back. Maybe we should all think about this.”

“Justice has finally been done,” commented attorney Francesco Sentons, who helps former CEO Vigni with his colleague Carla Ivaroni. “The judges were brave,” added lawyer Francesco Isabella.

“I have always been convinced of the innocence of my clients and have always believed in the work and balance of the judiciary,” said attorney Giuseppe Ianacone, a lawyer for the directors of Deutsche Bank. This sentence confirms that in our country there is justice and the present case is the full proof of that.”

All accused were acquitted

In addition to Mussari and former Mps general manager Antonio Vigni, the appeals court also acquitted 11 other people accused, on various grounds, of false publication, false contacts with the company and an obstacle to the supervisory authority. These include the other former directors of Sienese Bank: the former head of the financial district Gianluca Baldasari, the former financial director Antonio Berundini and Marco di Santo, the director of Alm within the Treasury and Capital Management District of Sienese Bank. And once again the six CEOs of Deutsche Bank (Michelle Vaisola, Michele Foresti, Dario Chiraldi, Matteo Faggi, Marco Veroney and Ivor Scott Dunbar) and former Director of the Japanese Institute Nomura Sadiq Saeed, CEO at the time of Nomura International PLC London.

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