Mobile phone, when you call from today just do it this way: you are at risk of cancer | Just put him in this position

Mobile phone, when you call from today just do it this way: you are at risk of cancer |  Just put him in this position
Cell phones and cancer risks –

Experts advise limiting exposure to cell phone radiation: how to reduce negative effects during a call.

Nowadays, it is truly impossible to do without a cell phone. Whether it’s calling, browsing the internet or taking a photo, this tool can be defined An integral part of our daily lives. However, for several years there has been debate about how much (and how) The radiation emitted can affect our health. Although there is no conclusive evidence directly linking cell phone use to brain tumors, many recommend taking precautions to limit exposure.

An uncertain question but nevertheless worthy of attention; Suffice it to say that in France, the National Frequency Agency found this The iPhone 12 emits a lot of radiation; For this reason, the government was forced to withdraw the device. For its part, Apple has updated its software to reduce emissions, which are measured through the SAR value, but this case has once again raised doubts about this matter.

Does using a cell phone cause a brain tumor?

There are many theories as well Research conducted in recent years. We start with Airc, which states that there is not enough evidence for a link between cell phone use and cancer. However, she asserts herself Increased risk of neuroma and glioma with incorrect use.

On the other side, World Health Organization studies indicate an increased risk of heavy cell phone useAbout half an hour a day for ten years. In Belgium, for example, a campaign was launched to ban the use of mobile phones for children due to the risk of glioma.

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So are cell phones bad for you? The scientific community has no final verdict yet. Although there is no conclusive evidence of a relationship between brain tumors and exposure to radio frequencies from cell phones, all I ask that you keep your cell phone away from your head. but how?

Cell phone and brain cancer
Mobile phone, how to reduce radiation exposure –

How to avoid cell phone radiation

Firstly, Experts recommend preferring the use of wired earphones (not wireless) and speakerphone if that’s not possible. The reason is very simple: when you hold your cell phone close to your head during a conversation, The device emits electromagnetic radiation. This radiation, although there is no final consensus yet on its danger, is capable of penetrating the tissues of the human body.

Wired earbuds provide an immediate benefit: It allows you to talk on the phone in a more comfortable and practical way, without having to hold the cell phone close to your ear. But not only. It is also recommended to use earphones (or a speaker). In conditions of poor network coverage. In these cases, the cell phone increases the transmission power to keep the connection active, further exposing the user to radiation.

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