Microwave, consumed even when turned off: how much does it weigh on the bill?

Microwave, consumed even when turned off: how much does it weigh on the bill?

Even when it is turned off, the microwave has a consumption, which is called standby power, which affects the cost of the bill.

Microwave functions (Canva)

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most devices It consumes even when it is turned offwe have talked about it in other articles, as in this case, where we have examined consumption in standby mode. In fact, electrical appliances continue to consume current even if they are inactive. This is due to the so-called ghost chargeor who Download pausedNo standby. Even a microwave oven consumes in this mode, and it does not consume much.

The microwave oven, in fact, even when not in use, shows a light, or active display, complete with clock and function indicator, which is always on. This means that even though it is turned off, so is this device Keep wasting electricity. But how much does it affect the cost of bills? Let’s dive into it.

How to save on your bill by preventing microwave consumption when it’s turned off

Microwave stand waste
Ultra modern microwave in the kitchen (Canva)

The microwave is certainly a very useful appliance, as it allows you to heat and defrost food in a very short time. It improves times, speeds up types of cooking, and helps in the kitchen. Sure, an essential device in the house, but what It consumes a lot of current. In times of crisis, with Boosts energy Skyrocketing, we need to reduce any waste.

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With a series of tricks and precautions, this is possible Save on bills, and reduce energy waste. A few cents a day but add up over a year makes all the difference. Between imaginary consumption and reserve consumption, microwave consumption has a great impact on the local economy. The average consumption From the microwave on standby, in fact, it is 27 kWh.

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According to statistics, this is the household appliance that It consumes more electricity at home. We talk about several euro cents every day. Then, in this “black” ranking, we find the video game consoles, especially the new generation ones, while in third place we find the coffee machine, with an average consumption of 8 kWh, which we often never turn off to have it always hot and ready to use .

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Avoiding unnecessary waste is essential to deal with the exact period and to resist energy crisis. It doesn’t take much to save some money on bills, simply unplug it or get one Slippers With on / off button. If you don’t use the microwave all the time, as you always do, it’s best to unplug it.

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